Friday, July 15, 2011

Red Fish 2011... the best place on earth

What a crazy summer but we ALWAYS look forward to our yearly Redfish Lake trip. This year didn't let us down at all and even blew us away a little. The weather was awesome hitting in the 70's every day and MY WIFE TURNED 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! while we were there. (just had to throw that out quietly lol)

Sarah came for the first time this year, had a blast and will be back. Tyson brought a few friends from California and had his bachelor party in a camp ground. We rode horses, kayaked, hiked to Lily Pond and the falls and just had an incredible time. Too many pictures to post and too many fun things happened to mention them all. Each set of pictures has its own story worth its own blog post but just not enough time or room to post it all. Enjoy the pics. I cant wait for next year!!! Love this place!!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dog Knapping!!!

So Sam and I have been gone for a week on vacation and we told a friend of ours that we would watch their dog, Cowboy, when we got home.
So on the way home Sam said..
"We have to go get Cowboy as soon as we get home, they left today and Cowboy is home alone."
so being the great friends Sam and I are, we rush over to their house.

Go in their house,

take their dog,

notice bags laying around and said to each other "they must have forgotten a bag".

Cowboy runs to our car, he did not put up a fight at all, in fact he JUMPED in.

We take him home.

Think to self, maybe we should text Jeff and let him know we have Cowboy so he does not worry about us forgetting him.

Text Jeff... "We have Cowboy"

then, we go outside and leave our phone inside.

Well they were NOT on vacation, they had run to the store and spent the last 2 hours looking for Cowboy and had their neighbors looking for Cowboy also.

they left for vacation this morning and Cowboy is safe and sounds with his dog knappers...

This would ONLY happen to Sam and I.