Saturday, November 29, 2008


We are laying in bed this morning and Cassidi said to us. "You guys have been really bad at blogging lately". We said... NO SHIT! We have been a little consumed. We said to her. Yeah we could have blogged about.... and we ran through a list of "stuff" that has went on in our lives the last 2 weeks and Cassidi said. OK... Maybe it's a good thing you guys have not blogged.
Yes, I have been kinda absent. Yes I have posted some uber lame posts here and there but overall pretty vacant/distant.. Why? Just a few high points.
  • Thanksgiving, along with Thanksgiving comes cleaning, shopping, cooking, traveling, getting kids, and about 8000 other tasks.
  • We had some friend go through some pretty ugly stuff and it kinda consumed us. If you are reading you know who you are. WE LOVE YOU....
  • Teenagers. I need not say another f*&%$#% thing. (I had actually put the mother of all swear words right there but Sam changed my mind).
  • Work. It's 4th quarter. 4th quarter= time to make EOY goals and sell LOTS OF software!
  • Sex. Sam and I have a lot of sex and that takes some time (THAT WAS A JOKE)
  • Christmas. HMMMM... oh yeah. I guess it's time to get serious!
any way you get the picture.. CONSUMED!!
So as I sit here tonight, my fridge full of turkey, mediocre mashed potatoes, egg nog and the usuals that sit in everyone's fridge the weekend after Thanksgiving. I am ready for the Holiday season to approach. It's official.. it's here the start of.

Please sing in the tune of "THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS"
  • Every Family Fighting
  • 11 presents returning
  • 10 pounds a gaining
  • 9 overdraft notices
  • 8 days of hang overs
  • 7 hours to park your fricken car!
  • 6 family dinners in 2 hours.
  • 4 sleepless nights
  • 3 days of wrapping
  • 2 blood shot eyes
Okay I promise. Only "positive" Christmas blogs from here on out. I really do like Christmas.


Guest Bloggers Jordan and Cassidi!

the parents never realized how annoying they can be when they send jordan josh and i the same exact texts asking if we are alright...ect. so last night they were at the bar in logan and josh jordan and i hadnt heard from them in a couple of hours. we thought it would be funny just to give them a taste of their own medicine. both of their phones got 3 texts at the same time all saying " you two alright? we havent heard from you in a while." we each got a reply saying " yes, i am drinking water while debbie is drinking beer lol. will you come get us so i can drink?" sam got a reply saying..." we are not coming to get you! just stay the night somewhere" from all three of us. sam texts back. " i was kidding we are almost done here i think". our plan to kick the parents out had failed. but i think they got the hint of how annoying it is when they text all three of us the same thing every hour or so.

Friday, November 28, 2008


What a great Thanksgiving we had at our house. Lots of fun and to much damn food!!!

Here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving.

Christmas.. Bring it!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping.....

I hope everyone had an incredible Thanksgiving like we did. It was great spending time with a house full of family. So much fun.... Thank you Debbie!
A few weeks ago I asked Debbie "Are you a Friday after Thanksgiving shopper??" This may surprise you, but I think she actually opened up her potty mouth and said something like #$%#@ NOOO!!!! haha Well that makes two of us.

If you are a Friday after Thanksgiving shopper more power to Its nuts and I would rather stay home and drink beer (or some other fun inappropriate things)

Happy shopping everyone I hope your Christmas shopping experience is awesome!

P.S. ... we havnt even started yet.... ooooo

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So Thankful

How could I possibly go through this blog this week and not mention my wife..... not a chance!!!
I am so very thankful for Debbie in every way. She has an incredible career going for her and she takes care of all of us at home........ some times (most of the time) takes care of us too much.

Since we first met we have walked the path of exactly where we knew we were going. We got engaged, bought a house, got married and moved in. We are now exactly where we had planned to be from the get go. Things have finally slowed down a bit and life is getting back to somewhat normal..... as normal as life can be with a house full of teenagers anyway.

Thank you so much Debbie..... your incredible!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Today and every day I am thankful for my MOM. This has not always been the case but as I get older and my kids become teenagers I truly do appreciate EVERYTHING my mom has done for me.

I am not the best daughter, I screw up all the time, I forget, I don't show up and I am sure I have disappointed her time and time again. However, she has loved me thru THICK and thin.. probably a little more thick and heavy... I love you Mom.. thank you for EVERYTHING.

Day 7 Thanks!!!!!

Yes I have neglected my blogging responsibilities again. It has been a few days and I generally dont post much over the weekends. So... because I love weekends so much and Debbie and I have so much fun... today I am so thankful for Weekends!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Day 4 Thanks

Ok.... today I am thankful for spontaneity.

Since Debbie and I met she has shown me a few things about this word. :) No NOT just that you potty brains..... I mean like going to the sonic with the kids on some random night at midnight. I am still working on being more spontaneous and get out of the ruts we carve out for ourselves.

thanks Debbie... I am learning

Day 4!

College Football.
I am a little obsessed this year.. okay a lot.


I can't wait till tomorrow. The only team I EVER like better than Utah State is ANYONE who plays BYU...

Go Utah!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Day 3 Thanks

Today I am thankful for BARS. Debbie and I have a great time in a bar hanging out with friends and making new. We try to hit some bar somewhere about twice a week for social and couple time to get away from domestic life for a few hours.
So.... todays word is BAR.... love it. I so love my wife! Not sure I have said that

Thankful for day 3

My hubby.

I will make this short and sweet... he is simply the LOVE OF MY LIFE.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thankful day 2

Today I am thankful for..... boobs. I had no idea I was a boob man until I met Debbie. Now I am a boob man for life. lol I hope Debbie doesnt get sick of me ;)

Diet Coke!!!!

The nectar of the Gods. I "heart" Diet Coke. As soon as my feet hit the ground in the morning I am popping a diet coke and sometimes before my feet hit the ground Sam or Brock has brought one to my bed. Sam is great at surprises. Flowers, cards, stuff like that and he will wake up before me find out I don't have a diet coke and run to the Maverik (imagine that) and get me a can full of yummy goodness....


Now if diet coke came Bacon flavored that would be two loves after my entire gall bladder thing I never realized how thankful I am for BACON BACON BACON.. (random)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Ok I can post a daily thankful blog. I am in.......
Today I am thankful for having a home cooked meal!!!!! YuMmY


News to Sam.. Till Thanksgiving I thought it would be kinda fun to blog about things we are thankful for. Each day from now to Thanksgiving. One blog a day by Sam and one from me about things we are thankful for. Not deep thankful for.. Just SIMPLY THANKFUL WE HAVE OR THAT IT EXISTS!!! SO HERE IS MINE FOR TODAY..


Boys you may not get this as much as us woman. I have gained 5 pounds since June. I like my fat jeans, my skinny jeans are just for going "out" Fat jeans make me happy at home and work!

One Christmas Tree?

I dont know about you guys but I have always grown up having Christmas with just one tree and a few nice decorations around the house. During the move down to Kaysville I hauled box after box after box of stuff out of the garage into our storage at our new house. I asked Debbie what all this was and she said Christmas decorations. I didnt say much but thought "my good lord where is all of this stuff going to go???" lol
The other day Debbie started getting the Christmas decorating itch so I starting to bring boxes up for her. It started with the Christmas villiage that took a few hours to put together. Then the next day it started with the tree in the great room........ then she asked me to bring up ANOTHER tree for the living room and had the kids bring up 6 boxes of decorations.... lol. After this was all done she wants to get another tree for the family room in the basement and maybe one for our bedroom. hahaha.... WOW
I am not complaining at all...... in fact I am bragging to some degree. I love how festive Debbie is and how she just loves Christmas. We had a lot of fun last night, had some wine, hung out with the kids and had some great family time. Way way kewl.

So my question to you....... are you a one tree family or are you a multiple tree family?????

(Sorry for the bad picture of the village and tree. My cell pics are horrible)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Same Ole.... Same Ole....

Before marrying Sam I was single for quite some time, (I know I was not exactly SINGLE but I was NOT in a concrete relationship.... AT ALL! ) On the other hand almost everyone knows that Sam was not single for very long at all and For all of you out there that think "Debbie" was the cause of Sam's divorce please rethink. However, I kinda like scandal and if you want to think that.. WELL GO AHEAD! anyway... Wow. rambling.
Married life can be mundane, boring, simple and I have to tell you I am LOVING it. Sam and I do "married" people things now. We watch tv, grocery shop, clean the house on Saturday and Sunday morning. Go to brunch together. It is such a relief after that "single" stage of my life. It surprises me how we have just settled down in EVERY SENSE of the word. I am bettyfrickencrocker, I have VERY clean bathrooms and I kinda sometimes feel like Sam would like to take a butcher knife to me because of my "honeydo's" I give him. ,
Is mundane good? Should I be worried?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Something is wrong with the children!

We really don't live in a zoo. However you may start to think we do. You have heard about our cat Waffles (who is kind of missing now) our bird Peaches, and now let me introduce you to our guinea pig Oreo. Yes all of our animals are named after food. Anyway...
Oreo has kind of been on the back burner since we moved into our new house. It's in the family room in its cage and I make the kids go play with it from time to time. I made the comment the other night to the the "big" kids, Josh and Cassidi, that we should get rid of Oreo. Well.... I did not know that we have the future Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dahmer living in our house.
Sam and I get home last night at midnight and this is kinda how the conversation went.

Cassidi and Josh: Guess what we did tonight?

me: What

Cassidi and Josh: *HUGE GRINS

me: WHAT?

Cassidi and Josh: *look at each other and bigger GRINS.

me: SAM!!!

Sam comes into the room!

me: What did you guys do!

Cassidi: Well, remember when you said we should get rid of Oreo.. ummmmmm.


Cassidi: We put him in someone's mailbox.

Sam, Josh, and Cassidi: *laughing asses off!


Cassidi: We were going to leave it in Jon's but Jon did not have a mail box so we left it in one of his neighbors.


Sam: This is animal cruelty.... *LAUGHING... Don't tell anyone.


Cassidi: It's warm in mail boxes. *GRINNING AND SNICKERING.


Josh goes to bed.

Sam and I go to bed..

Cassidi is in her room..

me: Sam tell Cassidi to come here. Text her...

Sam: Okay.. *Sam is kissing me all over and trying to get a little... he stops long enough to text cassidi... Text says.. Cassidi come in here.

Cassidi comes in the room.

me: Cassidi where is Oreo?

Cassidi: West Kaysville *grin and a little laughter.

Sam: *trying hard not to laugh HARD.

me: We need to go get him.. *I start crying

Cassidi: Is she crying??? MOM he has fur.

Sam: Yes, go get the guinea pig Cassidi

Cassidi leaves laughing a little and says.. YOU TOLD US TO GET RID OF IT..


Sam hands all over me and very light hearted.. His phone is going off like crazy.

me: Sam, stop it just for a minute . What if that is Cassidi telling us Oreo is dead.

Sam: nothing we can do. *continues to kiss me all over

me: looking for the phone because it is now 1:00 a.m. and someone is texting us like crazy.

text: I got him, he is fine.

Sam: *still kissing me all over.

me: text back. I want to see oreo.

Cassidi: Comes into the room and says see Oreo is fine...

me: go put him in bed.


Sam: Cassidi..... SHUT THE DOOR.

They are really nice kids.. I don't know what came over them. They did NOT think Oreo would die and were laughing at the thought of the mailman delivering mail and having Oreo in there.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What comes before Part B?

PARTAY!!!!! of course

Yes Debbie and I are going to have a house warming\get together\drinking\hangout party finally.

Where - 1311 s 150 e Kaysville, UT 84037

We will have the main dish and will have a punch bowl with Mohito in it or something to get us started so you will have to bring a side dish and BYOB. Just so this is clear for some of you (Cordell) this means bring your own booze AND bring your own Side dish could be chips and dip, snacky, munchy food, salad or whatever you want to eat.

NO KIDS PLEASE... this is an adult party... NO not that kind of adult party sheesh. Just a good time. If you want to join us let us know soon. If you need a place to crash we will find a spot on the floor or a couch and your more than welcome.

Also just so you know... I AM THE BOUNCER hehe. Trashing the carpet and paint Debbie will have me throw you out on your ear..... playing catch outside with the new cat and harassing the neighborhood is with in our boundaries however. lol

Come join us!!!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Good Bye Waffles!

Brock found a stray Cat on Sunday afternoon. He brought it in, he named it Waffle's. Taylor is NOT allergic to cats so we beg Sam to let us keep it.. He says OK. Sam and I head to Target to get a VERY small liter box, very little cat food. Reasoning.. because Sam says lets "try the cat out for a couple days".
Well remember that silly little thing called.. NATURE?
Waffles attacked Peaches (our bird)........................................


Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy One Month my Debbie

4 full weeks wow!! :)

Way back when Debbie and I were dating I showed her this video that I saw in competition on TV. I dont know about everyone but when I hear a song that captures me it sticks with me a long time. So I remembered this performance and googled it for Debbie and we both listened to it many times over. It really strikes a cord with us and how we feel. At least this version. I hope someday these guys record the full version... it is awesome.
Let me know what you all think about this......

Your in my Heart your in my Soul

Debra you are certainly in my heart and soul girl..... happy 1 month

2,419,200 Seconds!!!

The minutes Sam and I have been married which equals 4 weeks to the day!!!

What a ride we have been on. I have learned a few things about Sam in those 28 days.. Here goes..
  1. I take most of the bed. I am a BED HOG..
  2. Sam is a over sexed middle aged man. He panics if we don't have sex several times a day (a tiny bit of an It's okay if we sometimes go a day or two without sex. I promise it is NOT going to fall off. *wink
  3. I am very domestic. I have settled into my "married" life very well. I cook.. A LOT. I clean.. A LOT..
  4. We are not good movers either. We hate that a little worse then painting.. lol
  5. We have a "temperature" problem. I am a 71 degree person Sam is a 67 degree person.. PROBLEM..
  6. We have NEVER been in a fight. Which is a miracle because we all know how difficult Sam is and it's amazing I am able to "tolerate" him.... *wink.
  7. Sam and I are NOT good painters. We actually are GREAT painters but we do NOT like it at all. We bitched, complained, had a few tears... We hired the big living room with vaulted ceilings in a hurry!!
  8. I have a "dish" problem. Well not a dish problem a china problem. I love it. by the time we got all that china, crystal, Christmas china, boxed, moved and unboxed I am sure I need a 12 step program. Hi my name is Debbie and I am addicted to dishes!

We have had a RIOT.. Can't wait for the next 2,419,2000 seconds..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My New Family.........

My Wife - I have loved you since the day we met. Your light heart and kind soul has captivated me. You have a sexy wild side to you that makes every man jealous of me as well as a caring domestic side that we all love at home. I always look forward to seeing you every morning when I wake up and every evening when we come home to each other. You are not only my best friend but I feel like I can talk to you about anything and everything with out being judged. You have created a home for us that I have only dreamed possible. I have a love for you that is so strong that I now question if I have ever loved before. I am so happy to be married to you.... I look forward to the rest of our lives and the fun we will have. Thank you for loving me Debbie...... my beautiful bride.
The Youngins - Thank you for accepting me and my kids into your lives with out question. You all have been so kind hearted and accepting of us that I cant tell people enough how much I love and care for all of you. When I can hear you all laugh in the house it puts a smile on my face. I am so excited to be part of your lives and I know Josh and Jordan have much the same feelings. Sarah has not had the opportunity to meet them yet. Very soon!
Cassidi even though you have the normal teenage possession sometimes :) and your dates trash the truck and house to ask you on dates lol you are a real treat to be around. You light up the room when you walk in and carry a presence much like your mom. You are very loving and caring and it shows. Your a beautiful young woman with a HUGE future just at your fingertips.
Taylor even though you love to torment the hell out of Brock lol (that's what sisters do) and stay in your room most of the time :) you have been so fun and accepting of us. You are quick witted and sharp as a needle. You have eyes that capture souls and a personality that captures hearts...... watch out Kaysville boys.
Brock even though you harass Taylor until she loses her mind and have gas that breaks windows and peals paint off the walls ;) you have totally amazed me. I sometimes feel like I am talking to an adult in general conversation with you because you are so smart, knowledgeable and inquisitive. Sharp cute kid that will be a young man very soon. What a blast to be around you.

This is my new family.... .what a proud man I am!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Family room.

Its kinda scary watching a 52 inch LCD flat Screen being hung. We knew we wanted it over our fireplace in our Family room off of the kitchen and I was game till I realized just how big that TV really is. Well Sam and Josh got it done tonight and now we will take care of some wires and we will be ready to go..

Here are some pictures of our kitchen family room. We have another family room (or kid hang out\music room. ) that is in the basement but we will post later. I will try to post a room a week or so. For all those in Sheridan and Kentucky you will get an idea of where we call home.
Its kinda funny look on the left and you can see peaches sitting on his bird mansion!! You can see Brock hunkered down in the LOVE SAC!!
This is a shot from the LOVE SAC.. Sam is vegging in his plaid pants. You can also see peaches home and my computer left of Sam's head. That is wear I spend almost every day. I like it better then the office. I don't turn the TV on at all. I wont start that working from home!!! This picture is quite dark but you will get the idea. Looking into Family room from dining room!!!

nothing is sacred!!!!

text between Sam and I today:

Sam: I am hitting a couple markets and a few errands like Walgreen's can I get anything for u?

Deb: Nope I am good just working away..... Topless. LOL

Sam: Haha really? Am I missing out?

Deb: No u have seen me topless!

Sam: Oh if your topless I am always missing out!!!

He came home for lunch in a HURRY!!