Friday, May 24, 2013

Out with the old..... in with the new

In 2003 Debbie bought a brand new GMC Yukon. They went everywhere together, play, work, family road trips and who knows what else. When we first got married the GMC was getting a little tired but was still doing well. When she changed her career and went to Home Healthcare Marketing she started just cranking on the miles and some days up to 100 miles a day. Not only did this burn up a LOT of gas it really got tired and needing some work... so this is why I blog about it.....
About a year ago I start talking to Debbie about retiring ol grey and getting something new. She actually came to tears and said "I dont want to talk about it". I kept my eye on car deals and what was out there and a couple of months later I talked to her again and she said "I cant talk about it.. its sad" and finally the story comes out...   she said that this car is the last piece of her old life that she has left. I asked if she wants her old life back haha... she said NO its just a nostalgia thing and just hard to let go of this car that she LOVES. 

So longer story short... several months later and Sarah came to visit to buy herself  a new car after she graduated and she bought a KIA Sportage. Debbie and I have looked at these before and we liked them but after seeing Sarah's we fell in love. Of course we wanted all the bells and whistles so I kept watching and finally....... like angels singing.... one showed up on the showroom floor. 2013 Kia Sportage SX with navigation, sun roof, running boards, turbo charged, LED lighting package, satellite radio, sport wheels, heated and cooled leather and the list goes on... oh and did I say TURBO... holly cow this car has power. 270 horse power to be exact. 

So Debbie is happy and excited and Sam is happy his wife is happy AND we just cut our gas bill in half.. hah