Monday, November 14, 2011

Bad Bad Mole!!

This past Spring Brock went to the doctors to get his Physical done so he could go to Scout Camp in the summer. While he was there the doc looked at his back and took a pen and circled a mole that he said needed to be removed and to bring him back at the end of the summer. Debbie looked at it and thought "why is this mole a bad one???" Little tiny mole about the size of an ink pen dot. So on we went with the summer.....
About a month ago Debbie took him in and the doctor did a punch hole operation and took the core out of the mole (1st pic). Super thick skin on the back... couldnt believe it.
So they sent it off for tests and to make a long story short, it came back as questionable so he had to go back in and get the whole area taken out and that came back as melonoma!!!! Debbie about fell out of her chair, started cold sweats and almost a panic attack. The doctor calmed her down and said he will be fine and it was caught so early that he will live a long healthy life. He just needs to be careful in the sun and watch all of his moles in every phsyical.

So to all of you.... be very careful of your moles