Tuesday, September 30, 2008


When Sam and I went to Sheridan this summer his friends, Des and Steve, made us a seafood boil for dinner. I have made it twice since we have been home. I got home from work last night and Brock said... "Mom please make that seafood thing you made that one night". So I ran to the store and an hour later VIOLA!!!! It is so yummy.

Buy about 4 boxes of crab and shrimp boil.
Put the seasonings in a VERY LARGE POT (you may have to use two pots) bring to boil:
ad in this order!
Red Potatoes... boil till almost tender
Corn on the cob (broke in half) boil for about 5 more minutes
Polish Sausage cut into pieces boil for about 5 more minutes
Seafood.... (I like the really large shrimp (NOT PRE COOKED SHRIMP), scallops, and crab claws) I have put mussels in it also. Do not over cook the seafood. The seafood cooks VERY VERY fast. So put it in at the end.
Cover a couple of cookie sheets with tin foil and drain off water and put mixture on cookie sheets.
VERY IMPORTANT... get old bay spice (you can buy it by the seafood) and season really well.

My kids LOVE this. Its a NO silverware kinda meal and it is so yummy...


Monday, September 29, 2008

Just in Case.


Homecoming Weekend..........

I wanted to share some pics of this weekend with everyone. Debbie had such a great time getting Cass ready for her date. I am sorry I dont have pics of her date... they are on Debbies camera...... maybe she can post later. I have to say... it is such a joy to be part of this family..... I have such a good time being with them and being a part of their lives. I was laying on the bed playing with an iPod or something watching and listening to Debbie and Cass get ready. It was hilarious listening to the girl talk. The funniest thing is when Debbie asked Cass if she shaved her arm pits today..... I dont know why that struck me as funny but I was rolling laughing....I guess you had to be there. They were talking about sex and the hair do........ but I didnt want to touch that one since that seemed to be a mother daughter talk..... whoa.... haha.

Sunday, Josh came up from Bountiful and we all played softball for a couple of hours then went and had some pizza and beer at the Factory with all the kids, Bart, Cherrie, Jerry and Kim. What a perfect day..... awesome weekend!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

I feel a name change coming on....

Okay.. Everyone was right. We are not waiting till June 20th to get married. We will be married in Louisville Kentucky.. WHEN....

Two weeks from today. October 10th.... Sam's Dad is going to marry us.

Yes I am taking his name.

New Name..

Debbie Campbell.

I am on the Backless Wedding Dress Diet.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welcome to my World...

I am sorry for all of those out there that think that Sam and I are WAY TO "Lovey Dovey" but i have to go here.
As we all know.. I am on a business trip to Colorado. To make a long story short.. I had a "kick ass" day on the job. I was as high as a kite. I called Sam to say what a great day I have had and we talked many times over the day. I go to Dillon, Colorado to have dinner and then I did some shopping and driving around looking at the AMAZING COLORADO ROCKIES. FINALLY...........I head back to my room and on my bed was this (picture above) with the cutest note from Sam. I texted him and he said............. I got to buy my baby a beer I just don't get to drink them with her.
Sam I love you and I will see you tomorrow at 12.32..... I miss my friend...

Monday, September 22, 2008

One Word..

I have never been to these parts and talk about some mountains. I am in Keystone, Colorado (right by Vail and Breckenridge) and it is simply GORGEOUS. I have attached some really really uber bad cell phone pictures but you will get the idea.

View from Hotel Parking lot. The elevation is so high that I am at the tree line. There are warning signs all over about being at this high of elevation and not to exercise to much.... OKAY I WONT AT ALL... *whew*

Anyway, gorgeous place, busy as heck day... (busy is an under statement) and I am tired and I miss my kids, and I miss Sam. It is 5:41 I am already in P.J's and going to work from my hotel room for the night and do it again tomorrow.

Sam.. Just a couple more nights... LOVE YOU

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lonely for my Debbie.......

Debbie had wheels up at 9:55 am Sunday bound for Colorado for business. I just wanted to make a short blog to say how much I will miss her over the next few days. It has been a great weekend.... lots of goofing off and lots of beer and after a very hard week for both of us it was well deserved. Debbie have a safe trip, have fun and sell some software. I will be waiting for you.........

Friday, September 19, 2008


Cassidi: "My coach says I have the most limber feet she has ever seen".
Mom: WTH? Limber Feet?
Apparently Cassidi has a rare trait. She can point her toes so hard that her toes go to the ground.
Does not sound hard? TRY IT.. Let me know if any of you can do it..
Knee on the ground and toes on the floor..

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Homecoming invite again.........



It happend again!!!!!! (refer to previous WTH blog) This time instead of trashing the truck this round another guy trashed the house... haha... holy crap!!!!!! AGAIN I SAY WTH????
He totally fills up the upstairs loft chest high with balloons then Cass and Tay popped them and they freakin had shaving cream in them?!?!?!?!?!
Well Debbie and I were out and I guess since she laughed at the pictures and told the girls to make sure its cleaned up then I am ok... I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND THIS... haha I really dont. Someone please help me????????????????

(Cass did you say yes???)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I will miss you Jan...

Jan Zamble

June 30, 1970 - September 16, 2008

Jan (left) her daughter Tonya (Right)

Monday, September 15, 2008

We have knew Knobs!

Well We started working on our new house.. (a tiny bit). Brock, Taylor, Sam and I did a few things around the house and we got knew handle's on the kitchen cupboards (I will let Sam blog about that) WOW...
Brock Taking Wall paper off of Josh's bedroom. Josh really didn't want a sports border!
Sam... Installing the new handles in the kitchen.
Family room off the kitchen.. Do I dare paint the middle rungs BLACK? HELP!!!
We are working really hard.. AREN"T WE!!!
Taylor... Workin away!
This is our fish pond off our patio.
There are three gold fish (I think) and the kids named them.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Where oh where can she be?

My Best Friend (next to Sam) moved to St. George. I have not seen her for a long time and I am needing my JODI.. Just some real "screwed up" conversation and Jodi time..

Sam has not met Jodi yet and I get a little worried about him meeting her (Don't be offended Jodi) because Jodi and I are definiteLy a little crazy when we get together. We seem to convince each other that WHATEVER the other one is thinking is totally normal and by all means A GREAT IDEA.. BOY HAVE WE GOTTEN IN TROUBLE THAT WAY... Want to talk big yellow truck Jodi???? LOL.

Come see us... Come see us... Come see us....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008





We are officially A LOT more in debt today then we were yesterday. We are not moving in until November but we have some cosmetical work to do on the house so you will find us there most weekends with paint brushes in our hands (and oh yeah.... a drink in the other). Soon the house will have a black door and black shutters and be a lot more modern inside.
Sam told some friends of ours the other day that......... I am border line "anal" about my house. WTF? Border line ANAL? Come on buddy.... I have to admit that I DO like my house clean and I do wake up in the middle of the night with night sweats if there are dishes in the sink BUT... my closet in my bedroom is a disaster... DISASTER... and my garage.............A FRICKEN MESS.
So no 12 step program is needed...
I CAN'T WAIT TO MOVE IN... I LOVE OUR NEW HOUSE AND OUR HUGE FAMILY. It's big enough for all 8 of us.. WHEW....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

7 years ago.........today..

How much different life was 7 years ago from today. There are a few obvious things like.
  1. airports (completely different)
  2. high alert days
  3. feeling that our country is "the most powerful, secure country in the World"

Then there are the emotional differences we each have faced. The images of that day when we all sat on our couches, in our offices, no planes flying, our neighbors, co-workers, and fellow Americans all felt the same way. For the first time in my life this nation was standing still. Religion, Color, Sexual orientation, family status did NOT matter to any of us that day. The only thing that joined all of us together that day was a genuine love for OUR Country.

In 2003 I went to ground zero. It was amazing the size of the hole in the ground. The number of 'MISSING POSTER' still hanging on the construction fence around ground zero. Two years later they were still cleaning up the devastation. It was hard to grasp what had happened that day and I felt like i was walking on sacred ground.

Here is to all of those that lost their lives, loved ones or have since sent a soldier to Iraq to continue fighting. CHEERS and God Bless!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Officially going to HELL...

Sam and I are sinners, complete, TOTAL, mind blowing, sinners....... *tilt my head back and laugh an evil laugh*
We live in Utah. Very conservative, , don't drink beer, don't do the "normal" adult stuff that the rest of America does. If you do any of the "normal" stuff you are generally deemed..... EVIL..... *smirk*
So Sam and I have been known to drink, shop on Sunday, go to R rated movies, and not MAKE our kids go to church and we are about to add another "SIN" to our every day life. (the reason for this post)
DRUM ROLL...................
WE ARE GOING TO LIVE IN SIN. (just pretend for a minute that Sam has not been driving to my house every single night for the last 2 months and spending the night... we "officially" did not live together.) We will not live in sin forever.. remember we are engaged... wedding date.. June 20, 2009.
We have bought a house together. We close on it on Wednesday. It's in Kaysville (Closer to Sam, further for me and my kids). We are all so excited and can't wait to move in. We are going to start doing some painting and stuff and we are planning on moving in around November.. Yes all the kids (even the teenagers) will be moving schools. SO EXCITED AND I LOVE OUR NEW HOME. When we are down there painting and stuff I will take some pictures to post. Josh, Sam's son, is also going to live with us.. YEP a full household... CAN'T WAIT...

Simple Pleasures!!!

My hair: DONE
Make-up: ON
Work: HERE
Feeling: ALIVE AGAIN....
Mood: Lonely... anxious..
What more can a girl ask for after a week like last week...
I have finally caught the "bug" of the "Twilight" series. I know I am late and I know that almost EVERYONE has finished the series by now but I am just starting. I don't like vampires, never been really into them but I like this book... A LOT. I spent A LOT of time with this book in my hand last week and I am addicted. Sam is gone till Wednesday so I probably will read myself to TEARS instead of "dwell" on the fact that my Sammy is missing... :-(

Things we did this weekend:
  • Watched Disturbed (it's disturbing)
  • Did a home inspection
  • Sam went with the "girls" and was our token penis.
  • Kissed... A LOT.
  • Made peach cobbler.
  • Went to the famous Perry Fruit Stands.... (lol)
  • Road the Motorcycle.
  • Plucked Nose Hairs.. Or just ONE nose Hair.
  • Charged my car battery... AGAIN.
  • Cooked.. NOT ONCE.
  • Went to Peach Days
  • Slept
  • Took my tire off, got it fixed, put the tire back on.. (Well Sam did that, I kinda watched)
  • Ran kids here and there
  • Packed Sam to leave...:-( (Did I mention WE hate it when he is gone)

here is a picture of Shaley and I at Peach Days. WE ARE NOT SISTERS AND NOT RELATED.. (This is a terrible picture of me... YUCK)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Ok everyone I am struggling with something I need some help with. So I wake up and headed to work Wednesday morning headed for Pocatello and found the truck TRASHED. I went back in the house and asked Cass if she knew what happened to the truck..... she said yes she thinks so. I proceeded to ask more questions and she said that a guy asked her to homecoming and this is what they do after they ask.
Ok... so my question... WTH???? So the guy asks a beautiful girl like Cass to the dance then suddenly decide that trashing her vehicle will persuade her to go? What is wrong with our teenagers these days??? haha.. seriously... what is a girl to think???? Something like "ok I kinda like this guy and now that he trashed my car, I spend a half hour cleaning it out about to make me late for school.... now I REALLY like him" ???
I know I am an old school thinker... Debbie reminds me of this.... and they educated me on how things are done these days and its ok to do this. So.... I am still needing some help.. WTH??? What ever happened to flowers and a romantic invite?????
I will get off my soap box and please comment and help me understand this new school concept... haha... WOW.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great Family Weekend.......

Hey Everyone. We havnt posted for a few days as you can see. We have been busy goofing off and having some family fun over the long weekend. Football games, house hunting, motorcycle riding, drinking and eating, goofing off at the cabin, feeding kids and... yes even cleaning the house. This weekend I gave Debbie a new nickname. It will probably stick for a while because I will probably need to use it every weekend when she needs the kids (and I) to clean the house. Its 'Rampage Debbie'. Deb loves a clean house and when things are needing some attention.... whoa... head for the hills Sam!!!!! Here comes Rampage Debbie... lol

Josh came up Saturday night with us and had a beer at the Owl with Debbie and I as well as Bart and Cherie. The next day we rounded up both 4 wheel drive vehicles and headed for the cabin and the river bottom. What an awesome, peaceful place. I had so much fun watching Debbie catch fish... haha... she was like a 10 year old having so much fun... I loved it. I was catching the grasshoppers for her hook and playing with snakes and frogs. I guess I was like a 10 year old as well. Brock... the actual 10 year old.... was watching me play with snakes and said "Sam I wouldnt do that if I were you" haha...
So we built a fire, cooked some hot dogs, ate chips and dip and had a wonderful time all together. We were missing some kids.... Jordan and Sarah.... and wish they were with us as well. So while we were down there.... it started to rain and rain HARD and steady. I love the rain and it was way fun to watch but reality started to sink in. We are at the river bottom, heavy rain and we have to still climb out of this to get to the road. So we packed up and started slowly moving through the mud in the Yukon. Debbie gasping for a breath as we slip and slide all over the place. We finally made it to the top but Josh hadnt left the cabin yet. I started walking down to drive for them but just as I started down I heard Josh come sloshing through the mud below. He was doing quite well but the light pickup slide off the road and got stuck. We all surveyed the situation then put Cass in the driver seat and Brock stayed in the back seat protecting the guitar while the rest of us was getting ready to push. We pointed the steering wheel forward and gave it a huge push and it started to move so I yelled to Cass... "GO GO GO GO" and go she went fishtailing right out of the hole we were in... great job Cass... as I turned to look behind me after I heard " MMMMOOOOOMMMMMMM" I saw Taylor COVERED in mud head to toe... hahaha.. I have not laughed that hard in years. Debbie and Taylor were covered in mud. The rooster tail that Cass set off tearing out of the mud hole hit Taylor square in the middle of her body clear up to the top of her head and even in her mouth.... hahahah.. my God I was about to crumble onto the ground laughing. She was laughing too so she was a good sport.
So we made it out safe, had a great time, ruined some shoes and probably a few clothes but well worth the fun we had.
I love Debbie and her kids... we always have such a great time together... what a cool family.