Wednesday, July 30, 2008

you know you are serious... WHEN..

When you are young and dating it is a lot more simple. You meet someone, you fall in love, you get married, have a few kids and one day you wake up and you are 80.

Adult dating is a whole new ball game. You have "been there and done that". You have "CAREERS" rather than a job, you have your own money, mortgage, kids, baggage, battle wounds, quirks, friends, lives etc. etc. etc. You worry about people's intentions and faithfulness. Its a roller coaster of questions, limitations, and worries. At least that is how my adult dating had been till Sam and I.

My mom said to me one day. "Debbie, a relationship should not be hard. You should meet someone, fall in love, and not have A LOT of issues." I always wanted to believe that but my history of "adult dating" was TOUGH and hard and I found myself giving and giving and getting hardly ANYTHING in return (that's how I felt). I felt like my kids were a problem, or I was going to be a burden, or that 40 - 50 year old men were ALL suffering from the "Peter Pan Syndrome".

Well guess what.. MOM WAS RIGHT... (I hate to say that... lol)

I met this man, we started dating, I am crazy about him. He has a career (holy cow does he), he has kids, cars, house, a life, friends, battle wounds and guess what..... WE ARE WORKING.. We are not only working we are thriving. Sam makes me feel SPOILED, loved, appreciated, and like the sexiest woman on Earth.

Okay.. now for the "title of the blog" you know you are serious... WHEN... You move bathroom supplies to each others house!!!! be it tampons, blow dryer, deodorant, or a toothbrush.....

Well we are officially serious..

June 21st.............changed my life

I think I need to mention something about the first time Debbie and I met. Yes this is a bit mushy and if you have a problem with that then don't read it. If you read it and have a serious problem with this then give me a buzz.... we will have a lil chat out back. lol
Anyway.... On June 21st Debbie and I went on our first date on a walk through the woods on a trail she used to go to when she was in high school. We found the tree that she carved a DD in.... way kewl.(may have to look hard to find the DD in the pic)
So she kisses me for the first time here at this beautiful place. Just to clarify... yes she kissed me first...heh. Thank God she did because I was so nervous I was shaking in my shoes. Since that day I have been totally intrigued with her and how well we get along. I know... intrigued is a weak word but I am not describing how I feel right now... how I feel would be quite descriptive and would require a different blog post. Intrigued is not an emotion, just my thought process. Let me continue... since I am intrigued I tend to ask questions like 'why'. So I googled June 21st and this is what it came up with.
I will copy and paste what it says - specifically read the last part.
June 21 is the 172nd day of the year (173rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 193 days remaining until the end of the year.
On non-leap years, this day marks the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere and the winter solstice in the southern hemisphere, and this is the day of the year with the longest hours of daylight in the northern hemisphere and the shortest in the southern hemisphere. In astrology, it is the cusp line between Gemini and Cancer.

So everyone knows. I am a Gemini and Debbie is a Cancer. If you believe in this kind of stuff it sounds pretty cool doesnt it??

See Debbie... the stars were aligned for us that day. WOW

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Congratulations Josh and Happy Hangovers

Josh called me last night after work and was so excited that he got recognized at work for doing a good job and got a huge raise. He came up to Logan to be with all of us so we could celebrate his accomplishments. I was so happy he wanted to be with us.... very happy... and I am so proud of him. So.... we proceeded to drink... and drink... and drink some more. We were the last people in the White Owl to leave so we got more beer on the way home. By the way.... Thanks for the rides last night to and from the Owl... those are some special people to go out of their way to do that.... Jordan and Cass... haha. (I am so getting in trouble for this!!)
So... back to the story. I dont remember how much beer we drank but goodness we accomplished our mission with style and grace. Josh was a true gentleman and helped Debbie finish 2 beers. Its so fun to drink with my son now that he is of age... lol
So Josh... here is to you and your fantastic accomplishments. I am very proud of you and thank you for sharing this with us last night!!!!

Ok I am going to leave you with a few words and phrases commonly heard around us and our kids. Please keep your mind out of the gutters... this is a family blog... lol
"I'm Hungry"
"oh my HELL"
"so co 7"
"I love you"
"I love that"
"I am not your MAID"
"BROCK AND TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!" (said through gritted teeth)
"settle down"
"Holy Shit"
"Keep your hands off my Mother!!!"
"The Parents"
"Power of Two"
"Just walking the Path"

Ok there is more but I am in trouble enough so I will stop. Debbie, thank you for the gentile reminders for me to do this haha... so its your fault.
I love you Debbie... you are my world!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

just another manic Monday...

I think we should make Mondays a weekend. If we were to do that would that make Tuesday the new Monday?

It was sorta a holiday weekend here in good ole Utah. July 24th is Pioneer Day in Utah (Utah's Birthday) and it is a state holiday. There is the usual stuff, fireworks, good food, beer, bands, friends and family. Sam and I went and watched Wasatch Back Band the night of the 24th and was looking forward to a weekend with NO kids.. Yeah right. Well by Friday afternoon both my girls were home and spent the ENTIRE weekend with us.. I don't think Sam and I are EVER going to be alone again.

Sam can almost drive to Logan with his eyes closed. Sam's weekend schedule.

Wednesday night: Debbie drives to Sams (Bountiful) to see him for the evening and watch fireworks with them and have a beer on the front lawn.

Thursday morning: I drive back to Logan to go to work.

Thursday night: Jordan and Sam drive to Logan (Debbie's) we go to the park, listen to the band, and eat yummy food.

Friday Morning: Sam drives to Bountiful (Sam's House) to work (keep in mind it's about 80 miles apart) Jordan stayed at my house with Cassidi. The girls fell asleep at a friends house and got home at 2:30 a.m. OMYGOSH. Sam and I were fast asleep and thought we had heard them come home at midnight.. Yeah parents of the year.

Friday Afternoon: Sam drives to Debbie's. We move Cassidi back in and move some furniture around.

Friday Evening: WE all drive to Sam's house because the girls wanted to go to a dance club in SLC. (Third time Sam drove that 80 mile trip in one day)

Saturday afternoon: We drive BACK to Debbie's because girls want to go see these boys and Sam and I want to go listen to my brother speak at a meeting.

Saturday Night: Sam, Taylor and I drive BACK to Sam's house because Sam has to work in the morning and we are going to Lagoon all day on Sunday. Jordan and Cassidi drive separate because they wanted to play in Logan for awhile.

Sunday night: Debbie and girls drive back to Logan because Brock is home and I have missed him.

Now it's my manic Monday.. and Sam... How much is gas?

We have such a good time though... and guess what Sam is doing tonight... You guessed it.. Driving to Logan.
Weekend photos:
Cassidi and Jordan sleeping... SCARY...
Sam on the guitar and Jordan singing. WOW can she sing. Notice the food.. ALL OVER... Teenagers can EAT... and did I mention how sexy Sam is when he is playing that guitar... YUMMY!

Right... Taylor staying away from Cassid and Jordan sleeping.

YES.. They are EATING.... AGAIN....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Marinate them in love...

This Spring my 16 year old daughter, Cassidi, decided that she was moving into her dads house. She packed her bags and I saw her twice in 2 months. I cried myself to sleep for two weeks straight, begged her to come home and finally gave up and got really really angry with her.

When Sam came into my life and heard about Cassidi and the situation he said to me over and over. Don't be angry Deb, just love her. Well thats what we did. Cassidi started coming around more and more and more. She started staying almost every night. Today Cassidi is coming home to live. THANK GOODNESS!!!! Been a very hard few months but she is coming home.

Sam and I have a saying.... Marinate them in love. You love them and each other so much that they are marinated in it. I cannot help but think that Sam and his family being part of my life did not have a hand in bringing Cassidi home. We have a house FULL OF LOVE and laughter and it is working.....THANK YOU SAM... AND WELCOME HOME CASSIDI!!!!



I am just blown away at people. I was just reading the days news on MSN and for some reason this caught my attention.

A woman is suing Victoria's Secret because a decoration on her thong underwear popped off and scratched her eye. Good grief. It could be that your butt is too big for the panties you bought and forced it off. Or, it could be that you stretched it too tight and the stuff flew off... *shrug* being a gal with a big ass, I can so totally picture that. I guess my thing is that she just got a scratch on her eye that required some cream to get better. I can see taking the panties back, exchanging them and MAYBE even having the store pay for your doctor's visit and prescription. BUT, to go to the trouble of filing a lawsuit.. GIVE ME A BREAK.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

have I mentioned?...

Okay I have found the most sexy thing on Earth... Sam plays the 12 string guitar while I am cooking dinner.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008



Commentary first: Sam is a fit guy. He works out a lot, he is built, his arms, chest,legs are all as hard as concrete.... he is FIT.. Well I am NOT a fit girl. I have NO upper body strength, I am flabby, and have never called myself "over active". I use to work out (till I started seeing Sam and would rather be with him then on a treadmill) I am not a heavy girl but I am not a "fit" girl. So get that picture as you read the rest of the blog...

Sam and I were driving up by Utah State University (Go Aggies) a couple weeks ago. We saw a cute little couple (gritting teeth as I say that) doing lunges up Old Main Hill stairs. For those of you who know where I am talking you think WOW those are some IN SHAPE peeps. For those of you who don't I attached the picture so you get the idea . The stairs are steep, go on forever, and every time in my life I have climbed them I have cursed them. Okay, back to the story... So Mr. and Mrs. "Fit" were doing lunges up the stairs and we were impressed, and we commented about what a work out that would be and we said we should do that a couple times a week. HUH... yeah right. That is about as far as that conversation went.

Well, Well, Well.. Last night Sammy (aka known as "fitter than I") were having a night cap sitting on my front porch. I got the novel (or stupid) idea that I should do a few lunges down my side walk. So I did a few lunges, when I say a few I mean maybe ten lunges. It was hard and Sam laughed at me as I did them. Well I go to bed and VOILA.... guess what.. I woke up this morning and I CANNOT move. OH MY BLOODY HELL... I feel like I ran a marathon. hurt hurt hurt. Every step, move, and just sitting here typing is PAINFUL. Yeah I am a picture of fit.

If I would do those lunges a few times a week I would have great legs. Is it worth it???? Yeah I don't think so either.


Can't fricken move.

P.S. Sam and I actually had about 3 hours alone last night. It was GREAT. When Sam got to my house I was already in sweats and a tank top, we ordered chinese food and TALKED AND TALKED AND TALKED. YEAH.

About the below blog. Sammy, Sammy, Sammy, Wow.. You are so not in the palm of my hand. You are right smack in the middle of my heart.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Walking the path.....

Ok.. well... I feel I have neglected my blogging duties lately. (I was gently reminded lol) So I am going to embarrass Debbie greatly. (I wonder if she can delete my blog? heh)

Another incredible weekend that will live on. I have had so much fun getting to know Debbie and her kids. I cant explain how I feel about her family and letting me and my kids into their lives. (I wish Sarah was with us). Cassidi, Taylor and Brock are full of love and life and their love is testament to their moms. One thing Debbie mentioned this weekend is "Sam I have a lot of love to give" man is that huge or what? She welcomed my own kids with open arms.
I got to tell everyone... Debbie has me and everything that I am right in the palm of her hand. How is that for transparent?? The broken paths leading us up to this point and the timing of our chance encounter was absolutely perfect. We were both looking for the same thing at the exact same moment, wondering if there is anyone left out there with similar wants and needs and... wow..
So... Debbie... here we are walking the path....

I just wanted to mention a bit more about this weekend.... that I am the champion of racing up the stairs even after I gave her a head start... I am also the champion at racing down the mountain on sleds. and I am the champion drinker since Debbie could only drink ONE Long Island Ice Tea....Nuff said.. lol

(are you embarrassed yet?)

Got Kids?

Boy do we... We went to Park City for the weekend, when I say we, I mean ALL 8 of us.. Yep, I said 8.. All our kids (except Sarah, and we had one extra a friend of Brock's). We had a riot. We went on the alpine slides, the coaster, the kids jumped on the bungee tramp, swam, ATE, cuddled, laughed, and yep had one fight between Taylor and Cassidi... One of our first "family" memories. It was so fun but man do we have KIDS.
I worry about Sam. The first time I went to his house he lived with his son Josh, a bachelor pad, VERY CLEAN, hardly anything in his fridge beer, washed dishes once every week. NOW, Sam's fridge is packed full of food, there is stuff all over his house, kids all over his house. We are constantly doing dishes or cleaning. YEAH big change for Sam. I said to him tonight.. Are you OK with all of this? He said YES, it was what he was hoping for. I just can't help think he is not a little over whelmed with all this..

Hey guys thanks so much for the memories.. I can't wait for more..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

real quick Mike update...

email from my MOM:

I talked with Mike and he told me he goes down on Monday and gets a Chemo pack on his back for about 10 days. If his counts go down they will then proceed with the stem cell transplant. If they don't go down the doctor gives him 2 to 4 months. He goes to the Dr. again tomorrow.

He is doing better than we thought. We are enjoying the time we have with him and cherishing every moment. We are trying to figure out who is going to stay with him and what days in SLC. He can't be alone and we all work so we will take turns staying days down there..

Again, keep praying for him.


Pillow Talk..........

Pillow Talk!!! A couple's forgotten pastime?
I don't know if you guys have noticed... Sam and I have pretty busy lives. Now that we are both home and Jordan (Sam's youngest daughter) has joined us for a couple of weeks we don't get very much time alone.. AT ALL. We have found one simple pleasure... pillow talk.
Sam and I have decided on three rules at our houses in the master bedroom.. NO TV in the bedroom, NO king size bed (you get to snuggle in a queen) and always kissing each other goodnight. As simple as these rules are it has been quite difficult.
With Jordan and Cassidi and their dates, Taylor and Brock and their friends, and who ever else roams our homes we are constantly being picked on, bothered, or interrupted. We both have mentioned how great it would be to curl up in our bedroom, lock the door and watch a movie, HOWEVER, we confirmed our original plan of NO tv in the bedroom last night. We have our very best conversation with our heads on those pillows and no sound.
So all of you.. Join us in bringing back this American past time, I think it's priceless.
Side Note: It was so fun to meet Jordan. She stayed with Cassidi today in Logan and Sam had to dash back to Bountiful to go to work this morning. So now Sam is going to drive to Logan, AGAIN, tonight to see his ladies...(Sam how much is gas going for today?... HA) I am sorry honey.. Couldn't you have picked a woman that lived closer?????
No matter what the answer to that question is.. Please just answer..NO..

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kiss de Girl.....

As much Kissing as Sammy and I have been doing I figured it was VERY important to figure out What on Earth made him kiss me... (I think I kissed him first, okay to be honest I KNOW I kissed him first). Sam would these steps have worked. Maybe I should have tried them.

Sam (and his parents) should be very proud. Sam is VERY much a gentleman, it is so refreshing.. The opening doors, the constant eye on me to make sure I am okay, the tenderness, the gentleness....and YES he is a GREAT kisser..

SAM IS GOING TO KILL ME about this blog. .

Ladies, Steps to getting your first Kiss. Straight from Wikepedia.. funny...

Have a mint. Make sure you are kissably fresh.

Lean in and make eye contact. Lean your head on your guy's shoulder as if you are about to fall asleep. Look up at him - if his arm goes around to let you in, go for the kiss. If not, or or he doesn't seem to be taking things the same way you are, he might not be ready yet. Just relax for now.

Look at his lips. Drop your gaze and your eyelids to half mast, then slowly, look back up at him and give him a little welcoming smile.

Relax and be at ease about it. If he doesn't go for the kiss, accept it and don't push. Wait for another moment, either later in the date, or another time.

Let him know you want to kiss. Reaching up to twine your arms around his neck, or lightly play with the hair at his neckline will let him know you are ready to get up close and personal.
Take the lead. Some guys are very shy. Even those who aren't have been drilled over and over about unwelcome touching. Consider lightly kissing him on the cheek to show him that you're okay with touch. Guys have a reputation as being pervs, but a lot of boys worry about going too far.

Invite him to kiss you. Yep, some boys really do need an engraved invitation. Let's say you've tried to show him you're ready, and he looks interested, but you just can't get him to (A) let you kiss him, or (B) kiss you, then just ask him, "Couldn't we just be kissing right now?" If he doesn't kiss you then, he isn't going to.

There ya go ladies. How to get a kiss.. lol.. Or you can just grab his face and kiss him.. Thats what I did and look. Sam has now kissed me a time or two himself... :-)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Much Fun.......

Yes it was a very fun night. In the picture can you tell who is mother and who is daughter... heh.... wow

So here I am in Boise and just got done eating dinner with an old friend from years back. There is nothing like having a beer with a buddy and reliving some old times and stories. I had the most fun talking to JB and his girlfriend about how much fun they are having with their relationship and how much it means to them at this stage in their lives. Broken roads and broken hearts and actually being able to open up to each other even after some battle wounds. Hmmm Sound familiar Debbie?? lol

So here I sit all alone in a motel with out Debbie but will hopefully see her tomorrow... we shall see......


Looky, Looky... I have my kids.. and some other people's kids too.

We had a wacky FUN night. Sam taught the kids to juggle. We played truth or dare (Cassidi eating the lemon) we hugged and kissed a lot, went to Grandma PP's house and played cards. It is nice to be home but I am truly surprised that Sam did not hit the door and run. The kids (and the other people's kids) were running around till 1:00 a.m.. SERIOUS CAOS...but fun.

I think its great that Sam and I have resorted back to our TEENAGE years. Staying out past curfew, kissing a lot, staying on the phone for hours, having the kids say GROSS, and NOT caring. Before you know it we may go to drive in movies and go parking. HA!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Okay I was feeling a little guilt about a few things. The fact that Sam had posted these really cute pix of his kids and NO Debbie's Kids. Most of them are of my kids, a couple of Sam, a few of my mom and my brother, and yes one picture of Kermit the Frog. I have NO IDEA how that picture got in there..However, I thought it was funny so decided to leave it.

I have spent the weekends at Sam's house and I am headed home tonight to see my kids. I am so excited. It's been over a week and my "mommy heart" hurts a little. So I head home and Sam goes to Boise for his job for two days.. Oh what a life we lead.. We have calendars to make sure when, where, and how we can get a minute or two with each other. I am going to miss him.

We are pathetic.

Mike fished all day yesterday, said he actually did quite well. :-)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Dont Stop Believin......

Tonight.... finally... I pick up Debbie from the airport ... from a long long trip. We are going to go forget about life for a few hours and head to the Journey concert tonight, I will drink a few beers with Debbie and my son Josh and listen to one of the greatest bands of all time. The new lead singer sounds very close to Steve Perry and can hit the high notes! Nice!!
I can not wait to be with Debbie again.... what a crazy life we lead. An incredible woman she is.......

Thursday, July 10, 2008

.....this is just screwed up

As most of you know my brother, Mike, has multiple myeloma.. AKA "a terrible, kick your ass, cancer of the blood". This week has brought some pretty tough news for my family. Mikes cancer levels have sky rocketed over 10,000 (fatal levels are around 6000). So Mike has decided to go fishing. He told his doctor and all of us. "If this is it, I want to catch one last salmon." So Mike is going to the mountains of Idaho where the doctor expects his kidneys to shut down.

I talked to Mike this afternoon and we talked about what I should do in San Diego. He mentioned when he was in San Diego there were some really cool glow in the dark frogs at the zoo and he thought I should go see them. We talked about his trip to Idaho, his cancer levels, my kids, his kids, ya know usual brother sister talk. Right before he hung up he said very calm and very sol em.... "Debbie if this is the last time I ever talk to you I just want you to know that I love you and always have". SWALLOW HARD

So whatever is to happen the next week shoot us over a prayer or two..

and Mike...


No place like home.

So here I am in BEAUTIFUL Downtown San Diego. (Pictures from my room's window) The weather is perfect, the breeze from the ocean, the smell of food, the sound of laughter. Could it be any better.. YEP... I could NOT be alone. I have been here for 5 days and I will be sprinting (okay flying) back to Utah (and Sam and my kids) tomorrow. Sam joined me till Tuesday and those days were fun but since Tuesday.. BORED... lol..

For everyone that travels with their job you will understand what I am talking about. In GORGEOUS places, in plush hotel rooms, company paying for it all. EXCEPT its lonely and a little scary from time to time. I just want some COMPANY.. Will anyone talk to me? District Attorney's (conference I am at) are not the best company. Just what EVERYONE wants to do, go to dinner with a bunch of political figures.. PASS..

There is NO place like home... No place like home... No place like home...

24 hours Sammy and I will be headed to YOU..... OOOOOHHHHH... YUM.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Well since things have created quite a buzz lately I thought it would be best to introduce myself to you. I told Debbie I would be nice so I will keep my promise... for now.
My name is Sam and I live in Bountiful. I have 3 great kids. Josh 21, Sarah 19 and Jordan 17. Josh lives with me and my girls are in Wyoming. They are an absolute joy.... I can say that now that they have all got rid of the teenage demon possession that took all my kids for about 2 years. Its been quite the ride... if you have had teenagers I know you know exactly what I am talking about. heh
Ok... what I do for a living might piss you off. I have a strong influence on gas pricing in several states. If that bothers you... ummm... talk to Debbie.. have her give me the message... lol or call 867-5309 Jenny will help you... hows that. (80's humor)

Lately I have been busy riding my motorcycle, raising gas prices, dating the most beautiful woman, raising gas prices, watering my freakin grass, raising gas prices, ok... so I havnt done much lately for obvious reasons but I really do have a life... I promise. Or at least Debbie is helping me ... ha thanks Debbie!!!!

All kidding aside, since I turned 40 I am on a quest to have as much fun as I can while I still can. Life is short and wasting it on stuff that doesn't mean much... well... really doesn't mean much. So here I am with a great woman who is an absolute joy to be around and has incredible kids and is wanting to have as much fun as I want to have... is there really a decision to be made here??? duh lol

If there is anyone reading this that was interested in dating Debbie.... I am so sorry... NOT!!! lol crap sorry Debbie... I said I was going to be nice....

Until next time.....

My new blog...

Well... Well... Well.. I have made it to the blog World and have decided to post my very own blog by request of friends and family saying. What is going on in Debbie's World..

Well let me tell you. A LOT.. Rather than type a lot I will attach a picture.. I am sure I will get a lot of WTH???? This is Sam and I at the Padre's game in San Diego.

The girl has met her dream man... hence the name of the blog.. THE POWER OF DOS. Sam always says the Power of Two.. So Sam this is for you.. Will try to post a couple times a week.. So here is the start of OUR journey. A single Father of three and a single Mother of three. (Can you say Brady Bunch). We will see where this road leads and make sure you read...