Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Reasons I LOVE Utah summers.

  • It reminds me why I should NEVER pay the extra money for leather seats in the car.. THEY SUCK AND THEY ARE HOT IN THE SUMMER AND FREEZING IN THE WINTER!
  • Sam knows EXACTLY what "I" would do for a klondike bar!
  • Rodeo's (we went to a rodeo last weekend at it was a BLAST)
  • Carnival food!!! (and people watching.. THE BEST)
  • summer camp for kids. (mom gets a week break) and at least a couple kids every year get lost and everyone in Utah watches tv till the poor little dude is found!
  • I can use the excuse that its "just to hot" to cook.
  • I don't have to pay for lunch money, and I can feed Brock .15 cent corn dogs!!!
  • my bedtime is extended till 10:30 instead of 8:45!!
  • I get third degree burns on my hands because our front door faces West!
  • We get to turn our neighbors into the irrigation police because they water every other day for 12 hours and flood our lawn. (they now don't speak to us)
  • mosquito bites.. wait I am quite sure it was not a mosquito but a pterodactyl.. you should see the size of them.
  • boob sweat!
  • and so so many more!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our puppies are a week old!!

Wow one week GONE already. We are obviously starting to hold them more and Winnie is getting a little more relaxed with us playing with them. I think she is actually getting sick of them haha. This is so much fun having these around I cant wait until they have their eyes open and they can harass George all day. We will post another update next week and lots more pics as they get older.

Brownie (aka Dirt) and Ebony chillin out. Brownie was the 3rd born and by far the chunkiest. She almost died in my hands and Debbie had to walk away. I had to pull the lifeless body out of her breech and it took forever. A minute or two later she finally took her first breath... scary.

The 2 brothers Bokchoi and Shotgun Willie sucking away on Winnie.
Debbie named Willie that because how fast he came out. He was last born and came out like a shotgun. He is also the smallest. Taylor named Bokchoi before they were born because he was the most active...inside and out.

Our first born... Ebony is the calmest thing in the world. Never makes a peep. Debbie is now wondering if she is retarded haha.
George is sniffing his first born Ebony.... I think he is still wondering why the hell we are holding and petting these rats.
There is Brownie relaxing on Debbie's boob again... I know Brownie.. its comfortable there

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fun Weekend!

What a great weekend we had. We have some good friends up in Logan Utah and they invited us up to go camping. We had enough time for one night so we headed up. Now I say headed up but Debbie worked for 4 hours or more shopping, packing, making up the bedding so I get home from work and we headed up lol.... Debbie is so good to me isnt she??? All I did was pack a change of clothes, towel and off we went.
So Friday afternoon Bart and Cheri are already there so Jeff and Michelle get there and unload and we finally are all sitting down next to the fire telling stories. There is nothing like sitting next to a fire in the mountains.... so much fun.
So our friends have all their 4 wheelers unloaded and ready to go so about an hour before dark all of us take off on a ride. I have to tell you... I have not had that much fun in many years.. I felt like kid giggling while I am riding through the woods with Debbie on the back. We now HAVE to get some 4 wheelers... although I was really impressed with the Polaris RZR but we need a camper first hah.
Anyway... after camping a couple of times this year we have decided to get a camper next Spring and do it more often. We need to always go where Cell Phones don't work!!!!

One of the rules we learned is NEVER leave clothes behind on a camping trip. The below picture is Bart wearing Debbie's swim suit she left drying in a tree... haha... Bart is so dang funny

Monday, July 19, 2010

Being a housewife and a Mom!!!

Sometimes it feels like a thankless job.. and quite frankly I have been a TERRIBLE house wife the last 2 weeks. It was like when we got home from vacation I was officially DONE and Brock left for a weeks so I have taken a two week hiatus from COOKING... I did not grocery shop ONCE and I used the excuse that is was too hot to cook because I did not want to heat the house up.. Well I think I will try to do better the next couple weeks..

Make these they will make you and your kids Happy!!


Cut a slit lengthwise in all your hot dogs, but don't cut completely through. Spread slit with mustard (or skip this if want). Stuff with a thing finger size piece of cheddar cheese. Wrap each frank with a strip of bacon, spiral fashion and "pin" on with a wood toothpick. When ready to serve, you can cook on sticks over fire, turning as the bacon gets done. Then eat them on hot dogs buns that are partially split and buttered and toasted the same way you are cooking your hot dogs.. These can also be cooked in the oven, over a grill... You can also pre make the fat rascals and cook them later that day!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scout Camp

The past week or so has been a little hard on Debbie. Brock joined Scouts this year and she has been planning and packing for Brock for days. Debbie is very protective of her kids... especially Brock! For her to send her boy off into the wilderness for a week with out cell service or contact of any kind for that long is putting her into fetal position on the floor.
All week long we have heard -
"What do you do if you get lost?" the answer is nothing you stay put of course
"and??" blow the whistle you bought me
"Stay with the group Brock"
"Every year a Scout gets lost somewhere you HAVE to be careful"

Thats just a few things of what we all have heard for weeks.

Then comes the weekend to pack the bags. After shopping for every detail that is needed from the Scout list (and a few other things for him) they start putting things out on the floor. Now I have packed for a week long camping trip before and a lot of us have gone to camp as a kid. I say this with all the love in my heart.... I have never seen a mom with so much detail in packing lol
There is a Monday wallet for the trip, a sealed envelope with lunch money for the trip back on Saturday so he would not spend it, then a wallet hidden somewhere in the 100 pound gym bag that the clothes are in for his spending money during the week.
EVERYTHING gets labeled and stacked appropriately for time lines. Cass helped with this labeling project.
We finally get to packing and while she was packing his clothes she went over the week several times, looked at the weather, pulled out the clothes again and said.... "ok Brock I need more room". She said she had 3 hoodies and 1 jacket..... I said "I think you can take away one hoodie for room... haha" making fun of her (it a loving manor though). She starts packing his out fits for each day in order all with matching colors and color coordination then gets to the last stack and says... "Brock we need more shirts!" I said "didn't you just put a stack of shirts in there????" She said " those were his jammy shirts that match his jammy pants" hahahaha.... ok at this time I broke loose in laughter. Don't get me wrong I love my wife dearly and support her always and during this whole time I was right along with her getting him everything he needs. But matching jammy outfits for Scout Camp?? hahaha my hell that is awesome.

The night before Brock left I told him a couple of times.... Brock... you really need to be thankful and appreciative of what your mom has done for you. Not many moms take care of their kids to the extent that Debbie does. I hope some day Brock will realize this but in the mean time.... he had a smile on his face and was the most excited I have ever seen him. He will have a great time with a life time of memories to think of.... I remember my camps as a kid and I am WAY old heh.

Debbie I love you and how you take care of your family! I have so many stories to tell about you :)

Debbie's sad' look as she is packing her boy away
Brock got a new hat for camping and big enough to put the mosquito net on
Packed and ready

Sunday, July 11, 2010

the puppies are here!!

Sam and I are proud Grand parents to 4 of the cutest puppies EVER.. They are like a little melting pot of colors and personalities!!
This is kinda how our evening went... We knew that this was not going to be a fun delivery because Winnie is so tiny and we were warned.. NOT TO LEAVE her at all during labor.

Sam and I had to go to a Maverik thing at 2 in the afternoon in Salt Lake and it was obvious that something was "up" with Winnie.. So we put Cassidi on baby alert and we were home by 4 and there was no puppies.

At 8:53 p.m. The first little puppy was born.. Winnie did not take her out of her bag so we had to get her out.. We just used our fingernails to get the baby out of its bag.. The puppy came out and took a big breath and I said to Sam... THE PUPPY IS BLACK???? Yep the first puppy born is all black.. Jet Black.. and it is a girl.. We have named her Ebony!!

At 9:39 the next puppy was born.. and this puppy was breach.. We had to take it out of it's bag also and this puppy is white and brown spotted.... and is spunky.. I mean spunky... we are callin HIM, BOK CHOY... at 12:48 a.m. the third puppy was born and it was frankly TERRIBLE.. the puppy came breach and was to big to come out.. So Sam had to pull and pull and pull and the puppy was stuck in there.. So we pulled and pulled and everything was out but the head... I was sure the puppy was dead.. So when it was born we hurried and cut the umbilical cord (with thread) and Sam sat with that puppy and coaxed and coaxed it to take a breath!!! I thought it was dead and I left.. but Sam rubbed it and rubbed it and let Winnie lick HER and lick HER and Sam said to me.. Did you hear that?????? It took a big gasp of air... This puppy is all Brown.. we have been calling her brownie or dirt.....

and then 4 HOURS later
the last puppy was born... YES 4 hours.. at 4:22 a.m. a little Brown and White and Black spotted BOY was born.. We call him Willy because he came out just like a bullet so his name is officially... WILLY...

We love them and are excited to post more pictures as soon as we can!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

and we are back.

We had a great trip to Redfish. No falls, no life flight, no head injuries..

Sam and I were going to walk down to the plae of the accident but NOONE in the family wanted to go down there. We did see the place from the boat and we all said.. "look there it is.." BUT we never made the walk to the rocks.. So I think maybe we made giant leaps in our minds..

Here is a "Cassidi and crew" slide show of the trip. Sam and I forgot a camera and Cassidi was trying to be in EVERY SINGLE picture.. I think maybe we got a couple without her in it but she did a pretty good job...