Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yearly Family Pumpkin Carving Contest!!

Another Fall has come and we have faced each other once again in our contest... trash talking.. name calling... you know how that family competition thing goes lol This year Brock said he was an amature and there was no way he could win. We posted the picture on Facebook as usual for voting and he not only won but kicked BOOTY! He won by 15 votes. NICE JOB BROCK!!

Top left was Cass, top right Debbie, bottom left Sam, bottom right Brock. Yeah he smoked us but I think Cass and Debbie had the most detailed pumpkings by far.. my vote was for Cass.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Anniversary.

Monday was Sam and I's 3 year anniversary. We spent it at dinner at Tuscany in Salt Lake City (one of my FAVORITE restaraunts). Here is to the next 30 years.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nightmare or a Blessing???

I don't really know if this blog is about step families, raising kids, or a parents melt down, or maybe all of the above.

We have had a interesting year with our kids. We have had ups, downs, highs, lows, jealousy, anger, hateful, happy, sad, frustrating, terror, and fear all wrapped up in this family of 8.

I don't live in la la land and I knew that Sam and I's past would have some scars on our kids, divorces, moving, jobs etc. etc. etc. We knew they would have some jealousy with Sam and I's relationship and that if Sam and I didn't put each other first that the family issues that accrue with most step families would put us under. So from the beginning Sam and I's mode of operation was we marinate our kids in love and they can follow or not but our kids will not LEAD this family. Well this year has proven to be tricky in this department. Sam has had his ass handed to him to turn around to see me get mine handed to me by our kids. It truly has taken a tole on this family. So Step Families a nightmare or a blessing??? I am going to go for the blessing part. I would not give up one of the kids for another, I would not change thing, and I sure the hell don't want to go back. I just hope that at some point we can look back at this and say "it really wasn't that bad"! I also know that I am not perfect, I can't speak for Sam but I know I have so many faults, and have made so many mistakes that I can't even begin to write about them and I have had no clue how to be the world's greates Mom. However, I am trying and I can't undo all my mistakes and all the scars etc. etc. etc. all I can do is work on today forward!

So this is for Sam who ALWAYS has my back, , is one of the most patient men I know, and hasn't let this year of parenting ruin our relationship. With both of us we can do this "The Power of TWO"!

I truly am in love with this man I call my husband.