Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cell phone contract or marriage????

"chat" between Sam and I about getting a cell phone plan as a family... we are getting our first "together" bill....

me: ok.. sounds good.
they have the "free" chocolate phones and those are great for my kids.

sam: which one has the data plan

me: you will have to talk to your rep.
are u joing us???
oh. our first family bill. lol

Sam: lol
oh shit we are in trouble

me: why?

sam: our first family bill
is going to be 300 bucks

me: lol
we are connected now.
well not yet.
i guess we have not done it YET..

Sam: oh I have a feeling we will

me: that is a TWO year contract ya know... lol

Sam: thats a HUGE commitment just what am I going to do?

me: is a cell phone contract more significant then a marriage?
OH Wow we are in trouble. lol

Sam: haha
shit Debbie... NO MORE>>>>

me: lol.
well it wont be two years INTO the marriage. we have 10 months till we get married so really it will only be a contract for 14 months (of marriage)..
so I think I can put up with you for 14 months..
poor me.. lol

Sam: I feel bad for you
having to put up with me that long

me: yeah.. its quite tough to be me..
poor poor debbie.. lol.
yeah right.

sam: lol

me: i will gladly put up with you that long..

Sam: oh thanks God....
you never answered me
wut do you want to do tonight
seems lke you had plans of some kind

me: nothing.. what do you want to do tonight.
i have NO plans.

Sam: oh no thats tomorrow night
football thats right

me: nothing tonight.
i want to SLEEP...

Sam: me too and I promise Debbie I will leave you alone
I may play a bit

me: you are on. JUST SLEEP after.. lol

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I am driving through Wyoming for a couple of days to open a new store in Wheatland Wyoming and I got a real treat. I was able to stop and buy my daughter Sarah a birthday dinner tonight in Laramie. She is going to college here and just started back up yesterday. Hangovers on the second day of school isnt the best thing but... you go girl. She is working hard to get her Masters in Elementary and Special Education.
Her and her friend Morgan got a 2 bedroom apartment this year and are having the time of their lives already. They are both so happy and having so much fun. Good for them.
I am proud of you Sarah. Keep up the great work and great phun!!!! I love you.
(check out the liquor bottles above my head on the top pic.. lol... ah college life)


I know Sam and I have some exciting news about our engagement but call me STRANGE.. I have to blog about this first..
I got the link from Chana, a friend of mine, check out her blog she did it to her and Fred.. LOL

I tried to hit most era's.. ENJOY!!!

The 50's.. I think we make a great looking couple!!!

Can you say... MARSHA!!! MARSHA!!! MARSHA!!!
and Greg has joined also.

Was there any good hairstyles in the early 90's?

Do it to yourself... It's called YEARBOOK YOURSELF... FUNNY..

Monday, August 25, 2008



Sam asked me to marry him!!! I not only said YES... I said HECK (I am from Utah) YES!!!
When: June 20, 2009.
Where: Story, Wyoming.. That is if we can get a place...
He asked with ring and all. Perfect moment.. VERY ROMANTIC..

to be continued....

Friday, August 22, 2008


Recipe for FUN:
1 Chocolate Tree Air Freshener
1 dispenser of tape
office setting... (best if cubicles)
Open chocolate air freshener, tape under co workers desk.
Sit back and ENJOY!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Everyone knows I have 2 teenage daughters… Well if Cassidi (16 years old) was going to write me a letter… It would kinda go like this……

Dear Mom;

I know I have been spending every waking minute with my new boyfriend……. Beau!! I am like TOTALLY crazy about him. He is CUTE (He kinda looks like Ken… ya know as in like…. BARBIE AND KEN). He has his own car, and guess what MOM…. He has friends that are graduated and they live in like their own apartment and we can go over there any time we want and like just hang out. It is so cool that we don’t even have to bother any parents!!!!!

I hope you are not worried like AT ALL that we have been cuddling on the couch and can’t seem to keep our hands off of each other. BUT MOM.. SERIOUSLY THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!!! I love the way he like kisses my forehead and when we like cuddle I get the BIGGEST Butterflies EVER… and he is such a great kisser.... YUMMY!!!!

He is my Sam mom… I like have never been so totally into someone EVER….

Don’t like worry at all….

Love ya.. TATA for NOW…


P.S. Hey I will be LIKE an hour late tonight because Beau and I have not spent like enough time together…..

YEP… Welcome to my life….

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Calgone... TAKE ME AWAY... NOW!!!!!!

I am normally NOT a complainer. I try not to be. Well... today I am.

I have a OVER HECTIC week and it's only Wednesday. These are a few of the things I have found out this week.

  • DO NOT EVER DOWN LOAD THE ECARD EMAIL.... I mean EVER no matter who it says it's from. I did it. End result... complete re image of my work laptop. (3200 Virus' on my computer) OOOOOPS!

  • It is NOT fun to have a re imaged laptop. All your "customized" things on your computer and all the programs, printer, drivers you have downloaded........... MIA!!!! I have spent almost half of the last three days trying to get my laptop back to where it was before the "ecard" email. DUH.
  • The start of school (all though WONDERFUL) is stressful on mom's pocketbooks and her mental wellness!
  • Single Mom's need a Sam in their life. WTH did I do without him?
  • Patience is not my strong suit.
  • Little League Football takes a hell of a lot of time!!!!
  • Sleep is essential for me. With out sleep I am not a picture of mental health.
  • Kisses are better when there is LOVE behind them.... WHEW!!!
  • Sam wears many different hats. Teddy Bear to Debbie! VERY PROFESSION at the office! I guess that is why he is where he is at.
  • Having a brother with terminal cancer... SUCKS!!! any other way to explain that? SUCKS.
  • I have no idea what my natural hair color is any longer.
  • and I am all around just a little bitchy this week.... PMS???? How would I know?
  • It's a lot more fun to grocery shop, school shop, and go EVERY where with your boyfriend who is also... MY VERY BEST FRIEND!

Wah... Wah... Wah........ CALGONE????? Where the hell are you. I promise not to bitch again for at least a month.


I have a small story to tell. Debbie is always saying that I beat her at EVERYTHING. Well.... that now has changed. We went to the Gateway mall on Sunday to go shopping and take in a movie on Taylors birthday. So... the kids went shopping and Debbie and I went to the game room... haha... I think its funny how roles change sometimes as we get older. Anyway... I challenged her to a game of air hockey. Dear God she had me begging for mercy...... she schooled me 7 to 3. She later admitted having an air hockey table in her basement for years.... lol Wow I was totally suckered into that one..... I want a freakin rematch..... But I am a real man and can admit when I have been beaten....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who the hell is Jack Johnson?????

Sunday night I got a call from a co worker wanting to know if we wanted free tickets to go see Jack Johnson at the Usana. Debbie sitting next to me in the car listening to this conversation was apparently excited because she said yes to the tickets before I could finish Ok... so at that time I had no clue who the hell Jack is so she played some music for me from the iPod. Not too bad... little bit acoustic..... slight hints of country.... hippyish... no wonder Debbie likes him heh.
As a man with near grown kids, sometimes I forget how hard it is for mothers with younger kids to organize rides, plan where kids are staying, meals and plan around work just to get out of town for 1 night. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate Debbie and all she does because just to get to Bountiful to come see me was quite the task.
Anyway.... Debbie finally makes it to Bountiful a little frazzled so I mixed her a big go cup of soco 7 and we fought traffic all the way to the Usana just in time to go pee and see Jack start singing. We found some co workers of mine, Sheldon and Kristin, bought some beers and had a great time. I cant remember the last time I paid 16 dollars for 2 beers but it was good and cold..... we got a little comfortably numb for a while so it was money well spent.
About mid evening we seemed to have ran into some issues. A group of people from either Brazil or Portugal was overtaking our ground and personal space. They were waving flags all over the place, taking pictures, stomping all over our blankets, tripping over people, standing over the top of us with absolute disrespect to everyone around them. This poor girl sitting next to Debbie and I had the look of fear in her eyes. Her boyfriend went to get food for her and all hell broke loose. Debbie was about to unleash the bitch so I said, alright, stood up, had the young girl scoot onto our blanket and I proceeded to get into THEIR space. One backwards step at a time and I was right in the middle of their group making eye contact. As I was rubbing elbows with the guys making my way around they decided they were going to try to sit down right where I was standing.
After a few choice words, some great eye contact and an elbow push from me.... lol... things settled down and they eventually moved somewhere else. Yes... sammy was ready to get into a swing fest with a bunch of foreigners and the funny thing is Debbie wasnt about to stop she was more pissed than I was.
Now the scarry thing, after things settled down I went to get more beer...imagine that.... but as I walked backwards I said excuse me to 3 fairly large guys standing there as I walked between them..... he said to me " no problem we are on the same team... we got your back" Holy crap!!! we seriously almost got into a gang fight... those guys were watching the whole thing backing me up if trouble started. I swear I felt like I was in high school haha... what a mess.
My last point....... what in the hell happened to general respect. Who in their right mind goes into another foreign country and absolutely disrespects everyone around them, tramples their belongings, and does what ever the hell they please no matter who it hurts or bothers. I am quite disturbed by what happened last night.... not by my reactions but by theirs. I was defending my rights and my space against people from another country that really couldnt care less. Debbie and I were apparently not alone on how we felt.
It seems no matter where we go we have another story to tell... haha... onward to the next one..........

Monday, August 18, 2008


Yes, I was one of THOSE mothers that cried the first day of Kindergarten with ALL THREE KIDS. I was one of those mothers that followed the school bus to school on the first day just to make sure they were okay.
School starts on Wednesday and I have 2 in high school and one in 5th grade. I CAN'T WAIT. FINALLY. I want to do kart wheels on the front lawn when that school bus comes around the corner... I know where the kids are, what they are doing, eating, and who they are with. They are NOT fighting all day with each other and I go home to a clean house. COULD A MOM ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE????? HA..
This weekend was fun. If I was a better mom I would have attached pictures but guess what... I am slacking in the "mother" department today.
Brock had his first football game. He played Kaysville, They won 19 to 13 in OVERTIME. Was very cool.
It was Taylor's Birthday yesterday.. HAPPY 14TH BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!!! We went shopping, we went to our traditional Birthday dinner and yes Sam even got his ice cream.. WHEW!!! We spent Saturday night at Sam's and we had so much fun. Josh, Tay, and Cassidi have so much fun together. They are "typical" brother and sisters, they pick on each other and talk and laugh. It is so much fun watching this new family come together..
Side note!!!! Sam and I have ONE MAJOR PROBLEM with our relationship. It is going to be tough. here goes.
I am a 72 degree girl. I like 72 degrees. Not 73 not 71........................72..... Sam likes a house at OOOH -20... I FREEZE TO DEATH. Picture of the girls FREEZING... lol..
Sam is kicking in some "good" mother karma for me. He sent me these pictures of the weekend.

Left: We have a funny tradition in our house. The night before a birthday we hang balloons all over the house. Just because we were at Sam's I did not want to stop the tradition. Below: Josh said he always wanted to balance a drink on boobs... Well he got his chance.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trip Summarization and Comments.......

Well, as you know, we all made it back safe and sound... physically anyway. I may have a few lingering mental scars I will describe as I write. This blog may surprise you since I normally dont write much and this may be quite long. Debbie and I have been spending some time together... LOTS of time together... so she blogs for the both of us (love that woman). Tonight, we are apart (sux bad) so I had some quality time to think about what just happened to me the last several days.
So we are sitting at the kitchen table talking about the trip we are going to take that day and she mentioned that she didnt reserve a room because she can ALWAYS get a room near Red Fish Lake. I said, well ok. I am just along for the ride and even though it was a weekend at a resort I left it alone and didnt argue like I always do lol :) So we are an hour late getting out of town because of the car rental place, then we had issues with a flat tire in Twin Falls and made us another hour late so by the time I got to where we see trees man it was freakin beer thirty and we hit the lake with beer in hand. So we finally get to the part where we look for a room and guess what... NO ROOMS ANYWHERE. I was.... shall we say... concerned. So we kept driving and driving and near dark she spotted this B & B by the side of the road so we pulled in. Debbie got out and kinda disappeared into the main building. While I was in the car observing the compound and Debbie was inside hugging everyone it was soon apparent what this place really was. The Hippy compound from hell. My last words to Debbie were just find us a bed and thats exactly what she did. I was awake almost all night listening for people walking near our rooms while I was keeping Debbie warm. No heat, particle board walls, no ceilings.... not sure why they had doors since everything there was community shared. (so you know she paid 40 bucks for 2 rooms and would have been more if we needed a receipt because she would have had to charge tax) So as we explored the compound they said they had a water slide and we kinda got excited.

So the house mother walked us over to it and told us to make sure we run the water for a long time before we ride down so there is lots of water in the bottom to land on. I thought to myself... ok.. like thats ALL I have to worry about?? MY HELL HAS SHE SEEN THIS THING LATELY? I would have splinters in my ass and a broken tail bone. The redneck water slide was quite humorous and I was not about to step foot on that damn thing. I would hit the pool of water going 90 if I made it to the bottom at all.
So after that first day we made it out alive and had an absolute blast. I loved spending time with Taylor and Brock. I got to know them much better. And as always.... spending time with Debbie was incredible.

I will leave the rest to stories over a beer at the bar. Debbie has a way with telling stories and I love it. I learned a few things on this trip I will share with you in a few short words. Bear with me.

Car rental places really should to a pre inspection on tires before they rent the freakin car.

Jumping into Redfish Lake in the early morning off the end of the dock really isnt good on my male parts not to mention my lungs collapsing.

Debbie really has an inner hippy. I told her as long as the free love stops with me, no dread locks and for God sake please shave your arm pits then I could probably stomach the rest of

Diet Rockstar and burritos dont mix.

Taylor loves to gleek and she is really good at it.

Brock has lots of gas and is proud of it.

I learned that girls really do fart.

Beer tastes lots better when on vacation and in the mountains.

Mountain air gets me horny.

Natural hot springs gets me horny.

Necky time is very hard to find while sharing a room with youngins haha.

Ok I am done and after Debbie reads this I am sure I really am DUN.


WE are home from Sun Valley. Even though I was there on work it seemed like a "mini-vacation" because Sam, Taylor and Brock went with me. We had such a good time. This picture is us at Sun Valley Lodge having dinner and watching the Olympics... FUN.

Taylor and Brock drove me CRAZY. They fought a lot and I think Sun Valley is more of an "adult" trip than a kid play ground.

I worked during the day but was able to go to lunch with them and we made the most of the nights. Sam took them bike riding, shopping, or watched the Olympics while I worked. Sun Valley Lodge has a Bowling alley in the basement (freakin awesome) so we went bowling one night.. YES.. YES... YES... Sam won.... HELL am I going to beat him at Anything.
We got home last night and Sam and I actually got to sleep in our own bed and had a couple of hours alone. We shared a room with Tay and Brock and as fun and great as that was... CAN WE GET A LITTLE PEACE AND QUITE.... (and ALONE TIME... ) No we could NOT... lol...

Here is some more picture of the "convent" and a bunch of Sun Valley.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No room at the INN!!!!

But there was at the Convent... LOL...
Yes we couldn't find a place to stay in Redfish Lake or ANY surrounding area's. MY fault not Sam's... So in the SEARCH for a room Sam mentioned... ALL I WANT IS A BED. Well be careful what you wish for.. I found him a BED... and that is about all.

May family B & B (called the convent from here on out) is where we landed. The convent has "group showers, bathrooms, and beds. We did have our very own bed but each room was divided by ply wood and no ceilings at all. Picture above is of the "outdoor" sinks.. Yep.... It was that bad.

For the record. I thought it was a pretty cool place and it brought out my "inner Hippy".

For the record. SAM DID NOT THINK IT WAS A COOL PLACE and was counting the minutes till morning... HA.

NONE of us even showered there and made it to the Sunbeam hot pots... (another red neck experience for poor Sam).. Sam is NOW very worried about the woman he is dating. He asked me PLEASE just always shave your arm pits... LOL

These are pictures of the Sunbeam hotpots. The only shower I had for DAYS.. lol

After our hippy "moments" we made it to Sun Valley, Idaho.. We will post more pictures and yes WE have showered and all is clean.

Yep.... the honeymoon is over.. Poor Poor Sam

Friday, August 8, 2008

Infinity on infinity on infinity... 8.8.08

Happy 8's.

Over 9000 wedding licenses were sold yesterday in China. WOW that is a lot of "I do's." The Chinese believe that 8 is the symbol of infinity. (no end or no beginning) OOOH.. how cute.

Sam has a necklace in the shape of the eight that he wore because he told me it was the symbol of infinity and it reminds him "There is something bigger working for him". He gave that necklace to me and I carry it in my purse. EVERYWHERE I go. Makes me think of him. So many people will be celebrating today with the Olympics, weddings, or just thoughts of "infinity".

Sam and I will celebrate with some friends that are coming over for dinner and then tomorrow morning I am taking Sam to my FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH....


I have went there almost every year with my family since I was born. I have a conference in SunValley, Idaho from Monday - Wednesday so I could not be that close to Redfish and not go for a day.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Our kids are obsessed with Jeff Dunham. So I finally had to go look at his video. Jordan, Brock and Taylor talk about him all the time.. ENJOY!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Got Boobs???


Today is my "BREAST CANCER FREE" Birthday! It's been TEN years today since I no longer can answer YES to this question... (a little light humor)

Without going into a real deep, emotional blog I am going to keep it fun and light hearted. Every milestone in your "cancer" journey is huge and today is no different for me.

Side note: Sam sent me flowers today! With the sweetest card.
Am I the luckiest woman or what???

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Drive up liquor stores???

Sam's "Softball Family"
Well it's pretty obvious I am from Utah, "the most conservative State in the Nation". I do not feel like I have been a sheltered girl. I have been a lot of places and seen many many things that has surprised me. Here are a few of my "surprises" while in Wyoming. I had never been to that part of the country and a few things "surprised" me.
1. They have Drive Up counters at Liquor Stores... Who would have thunk....
2. Sam is NOT nearly as innocent as he has lead on. (Sammy tuck, strip joints, bars, etc.)
3. They have antelope all over. I mean all over like cows in Cache Valley.
4. Can you say STURGIS? Sheridan is just over 100 miles from Sturgis and right now is the big Sturgis run. I saw more motorcycle's, tattoo's, and leather than I had in my entire life.
5. Adult Arcades. Yep, they have a place on the freeway that Advertises Adult Arcades on a school bus. WE DID NOT STOP...
6. If you get hit in the nose with a door... YOUR NOSE WILL BLEED.
7. I require a hell of a lot more sleep then Sam.
8. You can read an entire book cover to cover between SLC and Sheridan. (The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch... I recommend it to EVERYONE) I only cried ONCE. whew hard work.
9. Bloody Mary's + soko and 7 + mojito's + soko and 7 + beer = HANGOVER.
10. They still smoke in restaurants in Wyoming. Smoking or non smoking????? Holy Cow.
11. Maverik.. I am officially an expert. How many gallons they sell, how much the stores do, How gas wars work, which bathrooms are clean and are not... etc. etc. etc. WOW.
12. Evanston to Casper Wyoming is... A HELL OF A LONG WAYS... but we managed to work thru it.
13. 105 degrees in Sheridan, Wyoming feels a lot hotter than 95 degrees in Logan, Utah. (I know it is 10 degrees hotter but it felt like 300 degrees hotter)
14. This is Wyoming.. Don't mountains and trees come to mind??? Wyoming? Is there any tree's off of the freeway? Anywhere? (smile)
15. If you are going to be the ONLY woman with 9 men. You better bring your "A" game.
16. There are more bars in Sheridan, Wyoming then I have seen my entire life.
Here are a few pix. of our trip. Thank you to everyone. Had a great time and thank you so much Des and Steve for the BBQ.

Thank you Sammy! Had a great time and I am still not sick of you. Was a very very memorable weekend and it was a riot meeting your "softball family".

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wyoming goofing off.......

Hey everyone. Just a quick post. Debbie and I ran to Wyoming to take Jordan back and to hang out with the old buds from Sheridan for a few days. We have been having a total blast here. My lifetime friends, the Marosoks, threw a back yard party and invited the old crew over. We had lots of laughs, food and drinks and of course, EVERYONE loves Debbie. She is such a trooper to put up with me like this.... lol. She must love me.....
More to come when we get back to Utah........