Sunday, April 15, 2012

Once in awhile!!!

Those awesome teenage years are not my favorite time in a child's life to be their Mom.

Go ahead and judge me, I will wait...

Anyway, once in a while those awkward, back talking, know it all, friend loving, zit faced, opposite sex crazy, teenagers melt your heart.
Brock got his braces off last week. Sounds like the start of a simple story. We go to the orthodontist he gets his braces off. While at the orthodontist office the orthodontist ask me
"what kind of things are Brock into?".
I said to him "I don't know he is kinda the typical teenage boy!"
so we go about our appointment and its time for Brock to design his retainer.

*side note...retainers have came along way. Now-a-days you can get, pink, purple, blue, sparkled, checkered, orange, or all of the above. On top of that you can get any logo, picture, anything you can imagine put on your retainer.

back to heart melting story.. So Brock brings me over the "idea" poster of what you can get. There are Superman Logo's, Football Team Logo's, College Logo's, Cool designs, you name it they have it. The rest of the story is where my heart started to melt.

Brock hands the orthodontist back the poster of designs and says to the orthodontist.

"I want my retainer to be all white with the Breast Cancer pink ribbon."

The orthodontist looked at Brock, all the assistants looked at him and the room went quiet.

I said to Brock "You don't have to do that!"

he said "No, that's what I want!".

Brock goes back to get his final xrays done and I go to the waiting room and Brock's orthodontist comes into the waiting room and says to me.

"That was a first for us, brought a tear to every one's eye. We didn't even know what to say to him except, COOL!! My assitant looked at me and with tears in her eyes mouthed the words WOW to me!"

At that point the orthodontist said he assumed I had breast cancer and asked me some questions about it and he started walking away and said.

"That is an impressive young man, nothing like a typical teenager."

So a simple thing like a retainer reminded me how much these teenagers have their mamma's back, how much I still am on their mind, and that they actually do love me.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our first cruise and first time in the Eastern Caribbean

We LOVE to take one vacation every year just for us. An all inclusive resort in Mexico South of Cancun is usually our favorite place to put our ass in the sand. This year our good friends were all booking a cruise to celebrate Linda Palmers 70th birthday so we joined them. Now Debbie and I have been all over the place but have never gone on a cruise... on purpose. We HATE to be hurded and ran by some one elses schedule, wait in line, rush rush rush... hurry and get back to the boat etc... you get the picture. We decided to give it a shot and you know... we really had a good time. Its still not our favorite thing to do but it was a great way to see several different places in one trip... it was kind of like camping... you have all of your things in the room and every day you get to go to a different place but always come back to the same room with all of your stuff there with out having to unpack and repack. We have so many fun pictures and memories. Here are just a few memories and notes to share with you. I have SO much fun with my wife in anything we do... love that woman :)
We spent 3 days in Miami right on the Miami beach! We had so much fun and I have never seen so many topless women in all my life. I had no idea it was legal in the US. Hate days like that hah

First stop was in Half Moon Cay. Absoolutely beautiful.
US Virgin islands..... one of our most favorite places on Earth! LOVE St John and will go back just to spend a week on that island...

The scenery on Grand Turk is just amazing isnt it?? :)
LP's birthday party at dinner

Isnt she just BEAUTIFUL?!

After the trip on our last leg home :) She is still beautiful