Monday, June 28, 2010

Red Fish Lake Idaho here we come again... this year be kind

Wow what a busy summer so far. Its already time for our family vacation to Red Fish Lake. After last year I have some anxiety about heading up there. I am not sure how I am going to handle it or even if I need to handle anything. I almost lost my wife in my arms by the side of the lake last year so yeah... I have some issues but am planning on having some fun and hopefully putting some closure to last years emotional roller coaster from Debbie's head injury. Debbie has been through a lot and is STILL healing from that.

Have a great 4th of July everyone... we will post again when we return to life and get back to normal

Friday, June 25, 2010

Just the two of us...

Last weekend was the first time that Sam and I were EVER home alone. Cassidi went camping with friends, Brock was at his Dad's and Sam and I were home all alone. I kinda am starting to understand the "empty nest" syndrome....

I always tell Sam that men who are middle aged gets a younger, prettier model of a wife, an old corvette, and starts using Just for Men hair dye!!! Sam asked me what a woman does when she hits her middle age crisis.. and I told him "They want bigger boobs, and a 22 year old guy".. at that point Jordan (Sam's youngest who is 19) said "I must be in a middle age crisis because I want boobs and a 22 year old)..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things I have learned!!

Sam and I have officially been together for 2 years. On June 21st it was the mark of our two years together. I have learned a lot about Sam, family, Wyoming, Kentucky, Maverik, Me, and Marriage and step families.. Thought I would share.

"I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds my future"
  • Step families are NOT an event... It is a process!!
  • Wyoming has drive up liquor stores... YEP.. and they give you cups if you ask.. ARE YOU SERIOUS?
  • WARSH is a word in Kentucky...
  • Sam requires a hell of a lot more food than I do! (and so does Brock)
  • Don't make decisions based on your children. Sam and I decided to live our life according to what is best for "Sam and Debbie " and hopefully the children will follow.
  • I think the best thing a Mom and Dad can do for children is love each other.
  • Never wear a live mic. when you go to the bathroom.
  • Head injury's are TERRIBLE.
  • You can never have to much insurance or toilet paper!
  • Kids grow up.. and you better have made some kind of relationship with your spouse because that is who you have!!!
  • Utah's women are different than those in Kentucky and Wyoming.....
  • Sam will not sleep outside just for fun. He like HIS bed!!!
  • my favorite "mom quote" is LOVE THEM, LIMIT THEM, AND THAN LET THEM BE!
  • I have learned what a super charger is and how to tell the difference between a v6 and a v8. (and I still don't care)
  • and that it is NEVER OKAY TO TEXT AND DRIVE!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My husband is smart man. Obviously in business, in finance, the way he deals with people, with patience, all and all in daily life he is intelligent. No one would ever deny or argue that.

However he has figured one simple thing out that every man should live by.. Just 4 words.. 4 simple words... HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE!!
There are many many things Sam wants in life that I think are not necessary..
  • A turbo for his motorcycle that already goes o - 60 in 5 seconds.. I don't see why he would EVER need a turbo.
  • another hot rod.. preferably a 2010 Camaro with a turbo and a lot of chrome and some other crap on it that I don't understand.
any way there are MANY other things my husband WANTS...
but he lives by those 4 simple words..

I love this new fridge.. I LOVE IT.. It has made me very very happy.... SMART SAM!

Friday, June 11, 2010

We are having BABIES!!!!

Winnie is pregnant and is due right around July 15th...
When Sam and I got the dogs we said 1 batch of puppies.. So here is our 1 batch wish us luck.

Winnie has had morning sickness and has been really sick. (who knew dogs got morning sickness?) She has not been eating good and sleep A LOT.. We went and got her some vitamins and she seems to be doing better...

Winnie and George were such cute puppies these should be DARLING!!! I am hoping for 3 puppies and Sam says 5!! so we will see! Mix the puppies below Together and they are going to be the CUTEST things... I will want to keep them ALL!George about 3 months.. He just looks naughty in this picture.. and guess what... HE IS!

Winnie at about 10 weeks.. Winnie only weighs 5 lbs now....

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dirty little secrets!!!

WE ALL HAVE THEM.. Ya know the little things you do that you don't want anyone else to know about and you wonder if anyone else does or has it.. Well here are a few of my dirty little secrets..

  • I have chin hairs... I pluck them all the time!
  • I exfoliate my face by shaving it.. I accidentally shaved one of my eyebrows OFF one day.
  • I drink to much beer.. I know I do!! I am on day 10 with no beer at all because I am cleansing my system and I don't miss it.. So why do I drink it in the first place????? hmmmmm.
  • I know my boobs are to big.. I did not choose the size.. The doctor did.. (now before you go into the "THAN WHY DID YOU GET FAKE BOOBS?" lecture.. It was reconstruction.... and the last surgery last March.... my boobs officially got "to Big".
  • I swear A LOT...
  • I let my dogs eat off my fork..
  • deep down inside I think it is a man's job to keep my car clean.. (and yard work is also a man's job)
  • I have a passionate HATE for science fairs.. I think its a slow painful torture for parents!
  • I gargle with peroxide EVERY day to keep my teeth white.
  • I believe in nip and tucks when needed.. If God wanted you to age gracefully he would not have put plastic surgeons on Earth (or hair dye)!!!

So what are you dirty little secrets?????

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Class of 2010!!

742 Graduates.. 742!!!! and the best part of it.. They did the ENTIRE graduation in less than 2 hours!!! As we watched the graduates walk in I got a lump in my throat and that was the only moment I was a little sad at all.... I made it through the entire ceremony without a tear!!!

As we sat there my Dad said to me. "High School Graduation is a significant change in people's life's. Nothing they have ever known before will ever exists AGAIN..."

I thought that was pretty profound... Yes, Cassidi's life is different now... We wont go school shopping, We wont have proms... We wont have Christmas Vacations, Spring breaks, late start, early out, tardies, locker assignments, assemblies, spelling lists, science projects.. any of it.. We will have a young woman that has learned almost everything she will ever need to and the rest is just "fluff".... The education up to High School Graduation is mandatory... the rest of her education will buy her freedom... I tell her that all the time.. EDUCATION BUYS YOU FREEDOM... She will graduate from College before Brock does High School.. We are so proud of you Cassidi... The world holds great things for you, it's just your job to GO GET THEM!!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


If you know me AT ALL, or don't know me and follow our blog.. You know that Cassidi is my oldest.. and this week Cassidi graduates from High School.. I still can't believe it.. I MEAN I CAN'T BELIEVE IT.. I feel like time is slipping through my hand like cheap satan... I CAN'T BELIEVE IT..

When I brought Cassidi home from the hospital I remember that very first feeling of UNCONDITIONAL love that a parent feels. and then I remember thinking..


So here are the things that worked EVERY TIME with me as far as parenting goes!!!