Friday, February 26, 2010

Cassidi's Parts!!

This is Cassidi's shoulder now. Who knew that when they said she would have permanent sutures they meant.. "We are going to take some nylon rope and tie her shoulder back on"...
I sure hope that guy knows how to tie knots... ;-)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy 19th Birthday Jordan!!

Jordan is Sam's baby (or youngest) and its her BIRFDAY today. Happy Birthday Jordan and thank you so much for sharing your Daddy with me!!
I know your Dad and I being married was not the fairytale everyone had dreamed of but sometimes when things go wrong some wonderful things happen and now we have a different kind of fairytale. I know for sure that your Dad, Sarah, Josh and yourself have made my life a lot more full and happy and I look forward to spending many more Birthday with all of you!! WE LOVE you the most!! (don't tell the others~~) First time Sarah and Josh met JordanJordan and DAD.. Jordan has always been a daddy's girl!
What are little sister for?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday ROCK..

Tuesday at our house is "Sam Cooks".. So what usually happens is we do Chinese take out or chicken from Smiths or something..
Tonight we are going to a Mexican restaurant in Farmington.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

A fun Saturday

This Saturday Debbie and I had the whole day to ourselves. We were ready to get out of the house!! We have talked about going Cross Country skiing to see if we like it or not and Debbie came up with the idea and I happily said yes. We headed up to Logan about 10, rented some ski's and Debbie took us up to a golf course next to the mountains.
The wind was cold so we both put on every stitch of clothing we brought and took off. About 5 minutes into it we were both sweating to death in our space What a work out!!!! There were about 30 deer running around with us..... so awesome. So about 20 minutes into it Debbie wanted to take all of her clothes off and lay naked right where that first picture is.... yes she was that hot... lol. We made it about a mile and said "that's enough!" We then went out with our friends for a couple of hours.

We are both sore today.. my arms and Debbie's legs but we had a great time. This probably isn't something we will do all the time but maybe once or twice a year.

I know this has nothing to do with skiing but these poor dogs waited patiently for me to finish this blog post to take them potty. Are they CUTE or what???

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A fun talent....

The last couple of days several people have come over to the house bringing all kinds of cookies, sweets, flowers and such for Cass as she is healing. During conversations with a few neighbors on some activities the young women were going to do, Debbie and Cass got invited to a house down the street from us Wednesday night to learn how to crochet (I call it Yarning). Debbie used to do it so its a revived talent.
Wednesday night they bring home a couple of hats they were working on and had fun. About half way through the day today after some meetings, I IM'd Debbie and asked her how they were doing. She said "I went online and learned how to crochet flowers so I am making flowers for the hats" haha. ( is the bomb) Today I come home from work and guess what they were doing all day long..... "Yarning" hats. That put a big smile on my face......Cass was hooked up to her ice machine on the couch and Debbie on the other side of her both with their faces down making things.

I love coming home to my family.... you guys are so funny. Always up to something.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Caray "the best Vacation shoes EVER!"

While packing to go to Mexico I had an epiphany that I do not need to take ANY shoes rather than flip flops. Well guess what.. I WAS WRONG. The first night we were there I wore my flip flops and was happy as a little lark flipping around!! Well the next morning Sam and I were walking on the beach (bare foot) and I said to him. "my toe hurts... I had a blister between my toes. Normally this would be a pain in the "toe" (ha ha) and you would live with it. But when you are in a foreign country and have NO other shoes but flip flops.. This is more than a PAIN.. This is a problem.. So I limped around the first two days and walked barefoot whenever I could. Picture below is day 1 of my owie!After having a drink in Puerto Adventuras we were walking and I said to Sam. "Look at those shoes", they were kinda like sandals but they were neoprene and had NOTHING that went between the toes. We bought them for me and they saved my little toes life. My toe got worse the entire trip (below picture was day 4) but I was ready to go because of my new Mexican sandals. The shoes name is Caray and I have already looked online to see if I could get more. They are the best shoes EVER.. I wore them ever day and night, dressy and non dressy, walking or sitting, wet or dry. They ROCK. If you are ever in Mexico get a pair.. and while you are at it, get me a pair. I "heart" them!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Wife... an amazing woman

I have always appreciated Debbie so much for how she takes care of her family on a daily basis. But during more challenging times (like with Cassidi's surgery) and I see Debbie step up to the plate and completely take over and make sure all the bases are covered.
She sets her alarm several times in the night to go check on her, give her meds, make sure the ice on the shoulder is ok, comfortable, feeds her etc...
During the day she cleans her, hand feeds her, puts lotion on her feet and gives her a foot massage, constantly gives her drinks and waits on her hand and foot every minute of the day to make sure she is taken care of. I have never seen this kind of care for anyone, anytime anywhere. Cassidi should appreciate her mom very much.... I know I do.
Thank you for everything you are doing honey. We all love you!!

Cassidi and Debbie crashing on the couch for a power nap after a long day. As you can see, Cass has her cell phone permanently attached to her at all times as usual

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sam and Debbie play doctor!!

Not what you are thinking...

IM conversation between Sam and I..

Debbie says:
Hey you, they are going to call in different pain killers for Cassidi to Walgreens.
should I get some bandages when I go get them or do you want to?
Sammy says:
I can at lunch
on my way home
Debbie says:
so you can change her bandage when you come home for lunch? I will get sick if I change the bandages. should we get bandages or just BIG bandaids?
Sammy says:
lots of gauze im sure
Debbie says:
lets get those really big bandaids also.
Sammy says:
I think we should put some padding in there to protect it
Debbie says:
how would we stick the gauze?
Sammy says:
duct tape
Debbie says:
hot glue?
Sammy says:
Debbie says:
gorilla glue!
Sammy says:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cassidi finally has her surgery

Ever since I have met Cassidi she has complained of her shoulder hurting and popping. Well we kinda knew it was going to be way tough on her as well as expensive so we waited for the right time. Cassidi got her school in order and we finally were able to get her in to the doctor. Yesterday morning they put 3 permanent staples in the front part of her shoulder, a temporary one on the top to hold things in place while things heal and they also pokes 2 or 3 holes in the rotator cuff to promote more blood flow and faster other words.... Cass is going to hurt for a while.

In one month she goes in to start rehab but even a couple of days after surgery she is supposed to start squeezing a ball and moving her arm 30 degrees to each side and up.

You did great Cass! We love you

Before Surgery- SMILES and a bit nervous. Sexy socks girl!!

After Surgery- NO SMILES but feeling no pain at all.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


After years of problems... Cassidi had her shoulder fixed for good today. Had the surgery done at Mckay Dee hospital and I simply cannot say enough good about them. They were wonderful.

She is sleeping and we are gearing up for a very long recovery.

Hugs to Cassidi!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Vacation for Dos!

Sam and I have promised each other that these Vacations for two will not end.

With much dismay from our kids we book at least a couple of vacations a year for just the two of us. Just like the other vacations this was WONDERFUL. If you have never been to Mexico I can't say enough wonderful things about it.

I am going to stick with telling a story here and there about our trip but I am going to start with our accidental nude beach.

We rented a car for the day and drove about 45 minutes south to Tulum Mexico and we go to all of the "eco boutique" like hotels on the coast of Tulum (GORGEOUS GORGEOUS GORGEOUS). We found this quaint little beach side bar/grill that hardly noone was at and we put our butts on the swings at the bar and ordered some beers, ceviche, and fajita's.. It was picture PERFECT...

Sam looks at the resort to the left and looks at me with HORROR and says..

"Debbie, all those men at the hotel (on the beach) next to us our NAKED"..
well me being the "woman" I am was so excited. Not because I was excited about the potential of getting nude on a beach but talk about GREAT PEOPLE watching.. and the best thing about it.. The men where playing paddle ball on the beach.. Now try to get a mental picture of a bunch of naked men, running around on the beach after the ball, bending over, etc..... I sat and giggled the entire time. I mean I could not stop a train wreck but better... I MADE SAM STAY AT THAT BEACH FOR ALONG TIME...