Thursday, September 22, 2011

Idaho Trip

Working for Maverik I do a lot of road trips through out the year. This week I ran through Western Idaho to nearly all of the Maverik stores over there. I kept a camera close because I was taking pictures of competitors and our parking lots.
Anyway....... I love driving through the back roads and getting off the freeway now and then and stumbling on to things like this pic below. I didn't get a picture of the whole thing but look at all the potential hot rods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of these are obviously junk but there are more beauties behind that old blue van on the left. Like 1930 and 1940 somethings. They need complete restoration but some of these could be worth a ton of money just as they sit.
This particular road is between Burley ID and Kimberly ID.
So if you ever get a chance to hit some random back roads in Idaho and Wyoming do never know what you can find.

Here is another random picture of a great business idea!!! It certainly got my attention.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Still kicking and having fun!!

What a crazy life these days. With Debbie working hard in her new career and with mine we keep very very busy!! We seem to get home from work, do a few chores to keep things up then crash in front of the TV about 7 then in bed by 9:30 haha... yes 9:30!!
On the weekends we have as much fun as possible. This last weekend we went on a bike ride with the buds from Logan. (below pics). It was a perfect day to ride.

In other news, Cassidi moved back in with us after 3 months of renting a place with a friend.
Brock is enjoying school...... and GIRLS.

More blogs to come..... now that things are settling down a little....

The Buds with a mid day refreshment in Coalville
We made a new friend in the parking lot at Taggarts near Morgan when we stopped for lunch. Even birds like Victorys