Sunday, June 28, 2009

Our Commercial is complete

Our eHarmony commercial filming is now complete. Debbie and I have had such an incredible weekend. We met so many great people and made a few friends. I cant tell enough about the quality of people that were at our home for 2 days.... truly the best. Thanks to all of them for making this one of the most memorable times of our lives and for professionally documenting video that will be shown to our grand kids grand kids.

We have so many fun stories to tell..... I am sure over a beer lots will be told very soon. We may post a few stories here and more pictures. I just wanted to let everyone know that we survived and had a freakin blast.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

me and my baby!!!!

Sam is taking a quick trip to Arizona today via company jet so I got home about 4:30 tonight and Cassidi was at work so it's just Brock and I here.
It was a very fun night with my little Brock. We visited and did some chores, and than he painted some stepping stones Cassidi and him had made for Fathers Day and we made dinner and sat and talked.
Our house is always very busy and I forget sometimes that I don't often get one on one time with Brock so it was VERY NICE.. I love that little guy!!!!

Brock painting Fathers Day stepping stones!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

One Year Ago This Week!!!!

One year ago this week my life changed forever. I met the love of my life and the most beautiful woman in the world! Debbie and I talked on the phone for a full week before we met face to face. June 21st last year we met, the earth shook and time stood still for us as our lives changed before our eyes.
I blogged a whole story about when we first met a while back. Here is the link
It has been the most incredible year for Debbie and I. We have traveled, played and have had so MUCH FUN! I thought I would put together a scrap book blog of sorts. Come with me down memory lane for the last 12 months as I relive these experiences for our blog.

Our very first date on June 21st 2009 up Cub River. I was in awe.... still am to this day!

We were having so much fun together right away that on the 24th of June we decided that I was going to San Diego with her for a few days while she worked. July 6th we flew out, went to the beach, a Padre's game and fell in love. Wow was I falling hard at this time. What great memories Debbie. Remember the hour before I flew out? ;) That Friday we went to the Journey concert at the Usana Amphitheater... great times!!

In late July we had almost all of our kids together (less Sarah plus 1 of Brock's friends) and we went to Park City for a night and had so much fun. We went on the rides down the hill, had a great dinner and played games in the pool that night. Debbie attempted to make pancakes in the motel that morning... haha... they tasted great.
At this point, not only was I in love with Debbie but her kids as well. Our kids all got along great. Before this trip I knew where Debbie and I were headed but this trip topped it off and sealed the deal for me. What a great family.

I took Jordan back to Sheridan after a quick visit and Debbie went with us. She read us an entire book in the 8 hours of driving that day. That weekend my good friends Steve and Des Marosok had a back yard party with all of the old softball friends. My friends fell in love with Debbie. Who wouldnt.. heh
Around the first week of August, Debbie had a business trip to Sun Valley so Brock, Tay and I went with her. We went early to go to Red Fish Lake for a day or two. Maybe some of you remember the blog about this trip. Sun Valley Blog We stayed at some hippie convent and was quite the experience. I LOVE this place and cant wait to be there in August with Debbies family.

Redneck waterslide at the hippie convent!! Another concert at the Usana Amphitheater. Jack Johnson I think is who it was. Good Beer!

On August 23rd last year we went on a hike to Cub River to the place of our first date. I asked Debbie to marry me on that very spot where the river begins. I still swear she never answered me but her actions and reactions told me YES!!! lol

A day at the cabin at the river bottoms. It started raining and Josh was driving the truck and it slid off the road just before he climbed out of the bottoms. So we all head down and pushed the truck out while Cass drove. As soon as Cass hit the gas a roostertail of mud hits Taylor square on from her toes to the top of her head.... hahah... Debbie got it from the other tire. I never laughed so hard in my life.... my hell that was funny. All we heard was a scream and looky what we saw!!

One of our favorite meals as a family.... I think its called a crab boil but we usually use shrimp and a few other fishy things. Oh man this is SOOOOOOOO good!!!!!!

My BEAUTIFUL bride!!!! I married the woman of my dreams on 10-10-08 in Kentucky. My Dad married us.... what a blessing. I am still so in love with this awesome woman!!

Our first Christmas together! I finally found out what all of those boxes were for that filled up half the moving van. It was Christmas decorations. Box after box after box. I love how Debbie is so into Christmas and decorations. She truely made this a special holiday and so much fun. Beautiful Christmas trees and Christmas village.
Nolan and Peggie's (Debbie's mom) Wedding. That was a great experience to know they have found love too. I love you guys!
Sarah came to visit us this winter and Debbie said "lets go to the hotpots!!" So we all hopped in 2 cars and drove through a HUGE blizzard over the mountain and through through the woods and came to this little slice of heaven. We sat in hotpots while it snowed HARD!! This was so cool I cant even describe it. Obviously, we were the only crazy ones there.... haha
We finally went on our honeymoon in Janurary to Cozumel Mexico. An absolute dream come true for me. I have been to Mexico before but nothing even comes close to this trip. We had so much fun touring the island and goofing off...... Debbie I am ready to go back......

Since we cant have kids we decided to get a dog... oh man did we ever get a dog. She is so cute and Debbie loves her to death. I love her... just not that much... haha. She is a great part of our family.
Debbie had to go in for major reconstructive surgery. After breast cancer over 10 years ago she had a leaking implant and some other issues the doctor had to clean up. 150 stiches later I take her home and took care of her for a few days. This was a big big deal and I hated to see my wife in so much pain.
This Spring we took Brock and Cass to Moab. "Lets hike to the famous Arch!!" so we hiked up this mountain of Rock I think it was about 50 miles uphill....... my good lord... It was way worth the hike but dang if you ever want to do this hike take LOTS of water and dont go when its hot out. I dont know how we would have made it had it been in the summer. Fun fun trip though.
This Easter we had almost all of our kids again. Josh was not there he went to Vegas to party on his Birthday. So Debbie took us all skating. Honestly, I have not been skating in 30 years haha... what a blast. Taylor, Jordan and Sarah all came to visit. I miss them.

Well that is it in a nut shell...... so many experiences all year that its not possible to put them all in one blog.

Debbie I love you more now than ever. You are the light of my life and I am soooooo looking forward to the rest of our lives.

Monday, June 8, 2009

My Wife is back to work.......

Debbie has found an incredible job. She went through a huge interview process and sales assessment test and got offered the job last week in writing. She is so excited about her new opportunity and in her words..... TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE lol Debbie thank you for creating an awesome home for all of us over the last few months. We loved having you around and taking care of us (and raising our spoiled Winnie)
Honey I am so proud of you and happy you get a shot at a new career. GO TEAR IT UP GIRL!!!! I am with you and love you very much!

So... since Debbie has carried the responsibility of the blog lately I thought I better step up and blog about something. She is a busy girl now.
Today I was thumbing through my phone pictures and thought I would take the first few pics I have in there and post them on here with a short story for each one. Some are blah but others may be funny.

A fantastic mullet at a bar in Brigham City the other night. Debbie was so impressed she had to take a picture over my shoulder. I have to say... you just don't see them this good anymore!!

A hyper night for Winnie and she settled down just long enough to take this blurry picture..... like I said some of these will be blah. Speaking of Winnie... I wonder how she will take Debbie being gone for work every day??

The other day we went clothes shopping for Debbie for her new job and we stopped in Victoria Secret to get some bra's. Cass, Brock and I had some time to kill so Brock saw this open window so I asked them both to get in there and vogue. They did and I took some pictures.... haha... honey never leave us alone in a store you know better than that. You cant take us anywhere can you??

Quadruplets?? No just my buddies a couple of weekends ago hanging out but dang... I didn't realize that "Birds of a feather flock together" saying really meant what it says.... WOW

My wife and her good friend Cheri chillin on the deck of the owl on an awesome day! What a couple of hotties. Have you ever had someone ask you to look down and spell A T T I C?

On Memorial weekend we took Brock to the batting cages and had him swing at 75 pitches. I swung at 50 and could hardly move the next day. He didnt seem to have a problem..... punk kids... haha We love you Brock.

A few weekends ago we took our Victory up to Logan with some friends and watched Cordell race his Yamaha Raider against a Helicopter. It was so much dang fun ..... what a great day that was. Debbie created this video on the computer and posted it. Here is the You Tube link in case you didnt get to see it.
Click this sentence to see the race

Hows that for a random blog... lol We have so much fun where ever we go.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Muy Bien!!

Today is Cassidi's first day of summer. Brock has half a day today but Cassidi is OFFICIALLY DONE!
I am starting my new job on Monday (will blog later about that) so this mornings conversation went kinda like this:

Me: "Do you want me to make you breakfast?"
Cassidi: "YES!!" *big grin
Me: "Okay we are having Mexican breakfast on tortillas."
Cassidi: "Where do you learn how to make this stuff?"
Me: "I don't know!"
Cassidi: Comes sit at the bar and is watching me and looks at me and says... "OH, I don't want you to go to work!!"
Mom:... *heart melted.

even at 17 years old she still likes to have her mamma home.. I loved that.

anyhow... I love these tortilla's. Jessica a friend of mine told me about them and I could not find them and could not find them and was so darn excited when I finally found them. You find them in the refrigeration section at your grocery store. At Wal-Mart they have them by their Mexican cheeses and stuff... THEY ARE SO SO GOOD. They puff up and are way fresh and good. You just heat up a pan and cook the for about 20 seconds on each side.. I WILL NOT EVER GO BACK TO THE PRE MADE KIND!!!
DISCLAIMER.. When you cook the tortillas on your pan make sure you let the pan cool before you put the pan in your sink with items like knives, cutting board (or anything that will melt)..
WE CANNOT GET THIS KNIFE OFF.. THE HANDLE IS MELTED TO THE PAN... Cassidi was able to get the cutting board off the bottom of the pan... COME ON DEB... I KNOW BETTER THAN THIS.. WOW.. HOPE SAM CAN WHEN HE GETS HOME!!!