Tuesday, April 27, 2010

out with the old..

When I met Sam Cassidi was just 16 and in need of her first car. I could not afford to buy her one so Sam was nice enough to let her take over his little truck. In all aspects Sam "gave" the truck to Cassidi. IT WAS A GREAT little truck for her. It was cute and sporty and did exactly what a first truck should do.. Time went on and now with Cassidi going off to college she wanted a car. So Cassidi bought her first car (I will post pictures soon) and so we had no need for the truck..

We sold it and its gone..

Thanks little truck for getting Cassidi through those high school years and taking a beating and being painted on time and time.. Egged a couple of times and I am sure a lot more things that I don't even want to know...

Monday, April 26, 2010


Cassidi's final high school Prom was Saturday night. They went out with a bang. Their prom was at Utah State Capital building and they looked like movie stars..

I hope they always remember it.... (tears in my eyes thinking dances are done...)

Wow is she really this old. As I was getting her ready for this prom I said to her..

"Cass.... The next time you get ready like this will probably be your wedding!!"

although I hope and believe that is YEARS to come the thought brings a pretty surreal feeling to me.. no one told me that having your kids grow wings and finally starting to use them was going to be this hard on Mom..



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mothers Day.

This year we are starting a tradition in our family for Mothers Day. We are going to make a team and start running in the "Race for the Cure"..

Most of you know that I am a breast cancer survivor. It has been years and years since I shed a tear about my surgery, or my scars or any of the emotional stuff that went along with breast cancer. However... When I watch this clip from Salt Lakes "Race For The Cure" and listened to the words of this song.. I CRIED.... it moved me and I wanted to share.

You can donate to my team by following the instructions below.. Or just google Race for the Cure Salt Lake City and my teams name is "HIKING FOR HOOTERS"..

I am going to tell you a story I don't know if I have ever told anyone.. and I have no idea if my Mom remembers it or not. She has never said anything if she does!
The Saturday before my surgery my Mom took me shopping to buy pj's and soft things to go on my chest and slippers, Stuff that you need when you are about to have a double mastectomy. We were in the lingerie department of Fred Meyers and I was looking at bra's and what I might be able to wear AFTER the surgery and a flood gate open.. I started to cry and I mean cry to the point I had to put my face in my hand and cried surrounded by underwear, bra's and slips!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We Need Your Support

Hello Friends and Fellow Bloggers,

My wife never asks for anything, accept a new vacuum... and a new refrigerator.... and a new oven... ok she hardly ever asks for anything lol but (all kidding aside) we are going to do the Susan G Komen Race for the cure on May 8th in Salt Lake City supporting the cure for breast cancer.
My beautiful wife sent this email out to a few friends and I thought it was perfect and shows who she is. I will post it here. I love her. Please support if you can. Its going to be a great day.

Hi All;
This is the only cause you will EVER hear me ask you to support.. Most of you know that I am a Breast Cancer Survivor. I will be 12 years clean on August 5th. EXCITING!!
For Mothers day this year I asked my family to join me in Susan G Komen's Race for the cure. So we will be walking to save boobies...
So what I am asking from my friends and family is to donate... or even better join my team and come walk with me..
It's easy to donate and support my team.. Here is the link... put in my name.. "Debbie Campbell" and it will take your credit card info. The donation can be as small $5 or as large as you want....

I will do my best. Please forward this email to anyone you feel may like to donate.. IF YOU DON'T HAVE BOOBS YOU KNOW SOMEONE THAT DOES..

Help me save second base..
Love you all,

Debbie Campbell

Happy 23rd Josh.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of little Josh and Sam!

I FAILED... It was Josh's Birthday on April 15th and I did not blog, and because we love Josh the most...I guess better late then never.

Josh is the oldest and lived with Sam and I for awhile until he went out into the big bad world. He is doing great and we are so proud of him. He came over for dinner on his Birthday and it was fun to catch up again and see what an extraordinary man he has turned into. Sam was younger than Josh is now when he had Josh.. hmmmm. *Josh that is a hint..
I found some pictures and the ones of Josh and Sam make me want to melt. I love them.
Here are some pictures of Josh over the years. HAPPY 23RD!


Monday, April 19, 2010

Debbie's Morning!!

  • Woke up to Sam kissing me good bye. He is out of town on business for a WEEK... *sigh

  • got up got dressed and on the way to get in the bathroom I notice dog poop in our hallway.

  • Clean up dog poop!

  • Go in the bathroom, Wash my face and weigh myself... I GAINED 2 LBS SINCE YESTERDAY? WTH?

  • Go downstairs for my morning coffee (diet coke) open it and drop it all over the kitchen.

  • Clean up Diet Coke..

  • It's Monday so its Laundry day!! Go upstairs and gather hangers and every one's laundry baskets.

  • Carry each laundry basket down 2 flights of stairs.

  • Drop Cassidi's laundry basket from first floor to second floor.. Pick up Cassidi's laundry.

  • Separate laundry.. SERIOUSLY?????? (picture above of this weeks laundry) *rrrrrrr
  • Chase dogs around because they are running off with everyone's underwear from laundry piles!
  • Go in Laundry room to start first batch of laundry..
  • Find this in the laundry baskets.. Life is better....


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

new paint.

Sam is out of town quite a bit with his job. When a new Maverik opens or they have regional meetings he is there. I hate it.. It is hard for me and I tend to get quite anxious. He is gone this week for a couple days and ALL week next week, but that is not what this blog is about.

We have a small half bath off of our main floor family room. Like the rest of the house it needed to be painted. So the last time Sam was out of town I got my paint brush and painted the bathroom. I love it... It looks so much better. Yes it is really painted a greyish blue and I put bright orange with it!! I LOVE IT!

I wonder what I can get done in the next couple weeks while he is in and out!!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

To the cutest Step Dad!!

My cute Mom got married in December of 2008 to the cutes nicest man ever, Nolan.. He has taken on our crazy family and all of our crazy problems and does it with a smile. He is so gentle and kind to my Mom and after all the years my Mom was single it is nice to see her have a "soul" mate.
Nolan has given us quite a scare the last few weeks. He had a terrible pain in his leg and was just sick as heck and was put in the hospital.. To make a really long "medical mystery" short... they eventually found out he had a Aneurysm in his leg which was stopping blood flow to his lower leg. They operated on the leg. The went into the upper thigh and got a graph so they could remove the aneurysm.. Picture below...
then after the surgery to remove the aneurysm his lower leg started to swell. They said that when tissue and muscle has been this long with out blood it swells as soon as it starts to get blood. So the swelling caused a problem and they had to go in and LEAVE an open wound in his leg.. Picture below. Now the picture below is his leg as of yesterday, Saturday, afternoon. The wound care people came to take care of it..

So I am sure you are thinking the same thing we are all thinking..
Well we don't really know yet. There is skin that is dying on his leg and they said it will turn black and fall off but said only time will say about his foot.. on top of the aneurysm he has a really really bad staph infection.

I kinda thought hard before I blogged this because I didn't want to invade Nolan's privacy but I figure that now all my friends in my blog world can prayer for the cutest step dad ever to get better.

We love you Nolan!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

is it so hard to believe???

The first question Sam and I get asked A LOT, is...
"Did you really meet on eHarmony?"
hmmmm... I think it is obvious that we REALLY met on eHarmony but every time we meet someone and they hear about our commercial they just can't quite believe we are a real couple.
Well, I am here to tell you..

  • We are a "real" couple!!

  • We have a "real" house!!

  • We do "real" things!

  • We have "real" kids!

  • We have two really spoiled dogs!

  • We have "real" ugly pasts. Each of us had been married before and been in NIGHTMARE relationships and said are "do's" and then signed.. are dont's!!

  • Sam's chewing ice annoys the hell out of me.

  • My "analness" about how some things are done drives Sam nuts..

but the one thing that is "different" about us then the other relationships we both have been is.. WE WORK.. We don't fight, we love each other to death and we are very very best friends. So to everyone.. WE ARE A REAL COUPLE AND WE REALLY MET ON eHarmony..

remember Honk if you love Jesus, Text and drive if you want to meet him!!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Years and years ago my sister, Jill, went to her 6 year old son's, Brady, parent teacher conference. On the wall of the classroom were all these picture of what each child loves... Each child drew something they loved and wrote a short title. Most of the little kids drawing were of their Family, and their title would say.. "I LOVE MY FAMILY", or some of the Earth and would say, "I love the Earth" and then my sister spots Brady's.. There were flames all over the paper and it was messy and Brady's paper said.. "I love FIRE FIRE FIRE"...
any how onto why I am writing this blog!
WE HAD A KITCHEN FIRE.. A rag started on fire, started my cabinets on fire burnt my cupboards, countertops and made a heck of a mess. The insurance company has been here, they had a team come in and clean up and now I am just waiting for my counter tops and cabinets to be replaced..
I will post pictures but just wanted to tell you about our FIRE FIRE FIRE!!!