Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is a BOY!!!

Is the correct terminology "Its a BOY!" or "Its going to be a BOY!" since he is not born yet? hah

There are some things that happen that just kind of seems to take over our little worlds and injects excitement (among many other emotions lol) and completely changes our paths. A number of weeks ago one of those things happened. Cassidi and Mike are having a BABY!!!!! We are so excited for them and US. We are proud and happy for Mike and Cass to be starting up their lives and building a lil family.
Just a quick story.....  a few months ago we got some living room furniture and have 2 rocker swivel chairs now. After it was delivered and set up, we sat in the chairs and looked at each other and Debbie said "We have the rocking chairs now we just need grand babies" and BOOM... here comes our first one. So we now say "Buy the rockers and they will come"

Oh and the boy's name? As it sits as of last night he will be Boston Michael Barlow. Cute!!!

This first pic was around the first of September

This second pic was Sept 24th when they found out he is a boy. I dont see the tallywhacker in this pic though.

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