Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Debbie's Favorite Place on Earth 2013

Debbie has been going to Red Fish Lake since she was a kid and figured out she has been there 37 times now in her life and it usually happens right on her birthday on June 29th. I wonder how many birthdays she has spent here?   She introduced me to it 5 years ago.
This is where we hang out in the evenings for happy hour and family fun.
This is where we stayed this year. Truly an awesome cabin.

We brought Sarah a few years ago and now its in her blood too. LOVE this vacation. This year was the best ever so I wish our other kids could have came.  Below are some pics and some brief descriptions. I didn't have any more pics on my cell other wise I would have posted tons more.

Our most favorite thing of the week. I have never done this before so it was super exciting. On the second set of rapids I fell out and went under the boat. Brock, Debbie and Glen saved my bacon

Here comes Sarah just tripping along having a great time and fearless laughing the whole way. As you can see from the second pic she had to throw her leg out for balance on that last run hah

Here comes Cass
There goes Cass showing off her scissor kick
Nearly safe and sound after another 20 yards of floating. She did great!
Our back deck at the cabin. Great relaxing time. 
One of the brilliant sun sets off the deck. Cell phone just doesn't do it justice. 
Boston just hanging out watching cartoons while we get ready for the day. 
Hanging out at the Lodge in the evenings is always a great way to end the day with all the family. 

Debbie had a great idea before we left to go up there. She wanted to tag as many vehicles with things like "Larry Dahle Daughter, Son In Law and Grand Son"  or "Larry Dahle Grandson, step grandaughter and great grandson" etc....  by the time she tagged the whole family and some friends there were 20 vehicles running around with Larry Dahle's name. She even wanted to tag the bus that took us on the river trip and say "Larry Dahle's family road the river"  hah... she is always cooking up some ideas

Boston Loves Nanna and Loves Sweets

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